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Hen Zemi

Apr 13, 2011

.........Im speechless.........(And Not the good way)

Okay to start after watching the first OVA I was a little short of slightly disturbed, annoyed, and possibly tramautized.


The story starts off introducing Nanako Matsutaka as being an university student taking an abnormal physiology course which basically involves the "professor" being a perv and giving out assignments which fulfill his needs. Yeah. The story then branches off about how the students interact which eachother during the course. One problem here, Nanako doesn't want to do the assignments. Now may I ask WHY THE HELL WOULD ONE TAKE A COURSE THAT INVOLVES THIS WHEN ONE IS TO FREAKING SHY TO DO IT????????

The story then goes off to tell the problem of Nanako and throughout the whole OVA she "attempts" to solve this problem. Then she meets and gets to know each student of her class and thus the sex and poo jokes come raining down like....well rain i guess. Though it's all this, I think that the story could've presented itself better. Why? Cause I believe the sex jokes....aren't even sex jokes. Like no one's laughing, it's more like sexual harassment that goes either unnoticed or no one cares except for our pitiful main character, Nanako. Oh funny. I can't believe it's even legal to do that. I can't believe the pervert of a teacher is still teaching let alone being allowed near the students.

I can't say that the story is neither very good or is it very bad, then again the idea where abnormal fetishes and perverted subjects revolve around a class of perverted students and a shy girl is original. Wait, It's not!!!!!!!!!! I'm pretty sure this idea existed already but it was never brought up into media til now.

All in all STORY:5 Feels like mind-break in disguise.


Animation, well I don't have any problems with this department. Hell, it actually seems slighty above average than other anime that I've seen. Smooth and all but it doesn't actually help raise it's overall score.



We;; I wanted to punture my ear drums at the opening and closing and rip my ears off at the character's voices. That's all that I can say.



Okay here us where I feel the story basically craps up. The CHARACTERS! This is where I'm annoyed at soooo much. The Character designs. MY GOD ARE THEY IN COLLEGE OR FIFTH GRADE?????? The faces on each character are simple which isn't a bad thing but the range of emotions portrayed, drive me to the point where I wanna punch my computer. It annoys me to no end how Nanako's face is like :D all the time and don't get me started on Konogi's face all like =|. Then there is the professor : X<| all the time. There is Michikawa the character that I slightly respect....maybe and he's all like BC and then there is Taguchi with this 8B. I just can't get pass the designs, they are so weak cept for the exception of a few side characters. It kind of dissapoints me. Now back to the overall look of their body shape....now what grade are you in little girl? Middle School? WAIT COLLEGE?!!!? Yes the designs portrays them like permanent chibis that are like stuck between normal humans and minis. I get that they are trying to pull out the shock factor and make us say OMG! but the designs kind of make me wanna say WTF??!!!!???




It's something that I don;t want to experience ever again. Here's the summary of my thoughts on anything Hen Zemi.

Little Kids that skipped grades like crazy who are perverts and attend a course on abnormal physiology which is taught by a creepy pedophilic professor that throws out sexual harassment remarks constantly at his students who just don't seem to be affected, except for Nanako which is deepy tramautized by the assignments from a class which she chose yet is too much of a pussy to do them.

Thanks For Reading




5/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
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Pityflame Apr 23, 2011

its actually pretty funny


you probably just don't understand it