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So I enjoyed this second season. However I can understand why some people might be disapointed. 

The second season has ramped up the fan service to an absurd extent. I personally like fan service and consider it a key part of the isekai genre. I felt like they writers tried to turn the sheer amount and absurdity of fanservice into a comedic device. From that perspective I found this season to be incredibly funny. Some of the scenes were so incredibly forced and obvious that all I could do was laugh, even in situations that might have been serious otherwise (looking at you curse ark). Although I also wish they had made this season longer and taken more time to flesh out the final arc, it felt a little abrpt and even an extra episode or two could have really helped.

My conclusion is, if you want a silly, sexy, and often absurd show this is a good one, if not you probably won't enjoy a lot of shows in the isekai genre so its probaly not for you.

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8/10 overall
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