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Aside from being confused why season 1 had 73 episodes yet season 2 has only 12, its a decent continuation. Although not having any of the MC in the first 4or 5 episdoes was odd, although not nessasrily n a bad way as I didn't really notice until after the fact. It felt slow to me, its been a long while since I watched season one so I am not sure how the pacing compares but season 2 felt slow to me, largely because of the scenes explaining each teams plans and then their thoughts in battle, and the unnessarily long back story flashback for a minor character you quickly forget and has no relavence in the rest of the season aside from maybe framing the feeling of envy other teams feel for the MC team. 

That being said while it felt slow it was still fun to watch and I am eager for season 3.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
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8/10 overall
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apoc9 Apr 8, 2021

Likely the first season were supposed to be long shounen series, but the source manga went on haitus, which led to bunch of fillers and incomplete ending. Adapting shorter seasons with pause in-between leaves manouvering space for adapting source material properly.