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Dec 31, 2009

s-Cry-ed has to be one of my more favorite animes. It starts out at a good pase, not to fast or slow, and maintains it though most of the series. Unlike the standard action-packed shounen anime that focuses on the age-old struggle between good and evil. It has a very soild high-and-low class theme that reflects the two main characters, one a poor low class man with a dislike for those who think to much and rarely thinks about what his actions cause and the other a rich high-class man who always thinks about his next action dislike those that dont consider the end result of their actions.

Its first major point is the rivalry of the two main charaters Kazuma and Ryuhou, that serve as each others opposing force. Kazuma a self-admitting battle loving fool who could care less about world around (save for the people he cares for) and whould any thing for the right price, and Ryuhou a calm, and conposed noble who take the matter at hand very seriously. Its second is about loving female main charaters that whould do any thing for them Kanami and Mimori. Kanami a younge girl who is in love with Kazuma and worries about him when ever he is away and Mimori, Ryuhou old flame who still loves him.

The series also has a good set a secondery and suporting characters that dont outshine or get outshined the main characters. Though it there are at least five or six that come to mind the two that I had to say Kunihiko and Straight Cougar are by far my favorite.

The story is a soild nine due to its almost perfect balance of actions and drama though it does falls short due fast ending. The music is a eight the opening and endings are fit very and unlike other opening that remains the same this one changes with the story. The animation is a nine it fits very well and is only not a ten due to its impance with the superpower called Altar with the two man chacters it looks so good but the others just ok. The characters easely a ten they are so induvidual that you cant help but love. The overall is a nine due to its ups and downs and one the things I really enjoyed is there were no fillers. I whould say it is a must see.

9/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall

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