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I adore these characters

I'm not a fan of these characters


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Desarray Jun 22, 2019


Tffnysyt Jun 18, 2019

Hi of course i would like to be friends! 

footmaster May 14, 2019

A stranger suddenly went to somebody's profile to rant about his hatred for tsunderes. XD

I think you mistakenly thought that I love TSUNDERES?

I neither love nor hate those types of character tropes.

If I happen to like a certain tsundere character, then usually it's not because they're tsundere but something else (like design, voice, story, etc.).

I can only assume you came to my profile because I like Louise --- a character that you hate.

I like Louise, but not as a tsundere. And to be honest, she's far from being my favorite character in Zero no Tsukaima (Henrietta and Tiffa are my faves).

Would've been my favorite if she reduced her violence a bit.

I usually find the tsundere character trope as CRINGEY.

I agree that they're overused and would like to see them less in an anime though.

But from time to time, I would like to see a unique or special tsundere that is not "conventional".

I see from your favorites that you like certain tsunderes like Shana, Kagami Hiragi, Kagura Souma, Mine, Misaka, Rin, and Taiga (who is pretty much the QUEEN OF TSUNDERES) --- pretty good character choices.

You sure you hate TSUNDERES? XD

So the conclusion for your rant is...


Though I agree with some of your points, I still can't find to hate them but I do want to see less of them (well, you know... the "conventional" ones and the ultra-violent ones).