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Hey guys! Welcome to my little corner of Anime-Planet!

I watch a tonne of anime (obviously), and review manga for a couple of publishers on my blog ! My Twitter and Instagram is @realitysabore :) I also review YA and fantasy books too if that's your thing, but I'm starting to read more and more manga and my list of "want to read" manga is getting a bit out of is my plan to watch list for anime! 

I only recently got in to anime about a year ago (unless you count Pokemon as a child and the subsequent gap as a hiatus!) when I stumbled across Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix and thought it sounded different and I decided to give it a try...cue me watching Blue Exorcist and Fairy Tail and becoming completely hooked on anime! Since then I've watched as much as I can, and I'm steadily working my way through whatever takes my fance! Manga is another recent addition to my life, and it's all Blue Exorcist and Fairy Tail's fault because I'm imaptient and had to know what happened next without waiting for more anime! But I've fallen completely in love with it all in a very short space of time! I've reviewed books for publishers for a while and as I started to get in to manga I've kind of transitioned in to doing that too! 

Aside from anime/manga and the blogging, I'm a huge booknerd veering towards fantasy at all times, and I'm also a bit of a history nerd. I'm forever reading history magazines and eager to know more. I'm a rock music kind of girl but I find myself listening to anime soundtracks and Japanese music more and more! 

Soooooo back to the anime....

My all time favourite anime are:

Fairy Tail 

Yuri on Ice

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Heroic Legend of Arslan

Blue Exorcist

Seraph of the End


When I say all time favourite I mean that I rewatch them all the time! Check out my lists for my other favourites and rewatchable anime! I'm going to be using lists a lot to keep track of which anime I love and has rewatch potential and which anime I'll be watching per season and which I'm loving and so on and so forth! 

My rankings will follow the same as my blog. A 5 star means I love it 100% and will rewatch it over and over and just fall down the rabbit hole and never want to come out. I basically have to resist the urge to rewatch these anime on a loop. A 4.5 and a 4 are just a notch below that. Rewatch potential but not as OMG as the 5 stars, possibly because of a slight issue or two but nothing major. 3 stars will be pretty average. Anything below that? Yikes. 

I'm a pretty chatty person and I love to talk so feel free to come chat to me :) 

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XxZeroeZxX Aug 27, 2017

Dear god, how awful :O

Poor Lisha *hug*

No I'm not on Twitter or Insta, the other other social thing I use is Snapchat, u can add me on there if u want

And if that doesn't work, don't worry about it ^_^

I hope u really make the most of this fleeting time off and get some good relaxing time in bestie *hug* :)

XxZeroeZxX Aug 27, 2017

Hey u ^_^

Sorry, I myself hav not been around much this time as well

But obviously it'd be good to chat again should u get the chance :D

XxZeroeZxX Aug 8, 2017

Aww that's ok bestie, u worry too much *pet*

U know what's funny, u Brits also call having dinner "tea" so I was confused for a min and thought u were starving yourself :P

Ohh my, such a busy bee u r :O

Haha yeah, that's pretty much the life in the big city

Ikr! I feel u, yesterday it was literally dark and rainy all day, its like the day never came and it was just perpetual night -_-

As for why I moved, well it just comes down to work, I wasn't thrilled w/ my job out in Texas, and not that I didn't like living there, cause obviously I did, but after I quit my job I couldn't really line up anything else before I needed to move when my lease was up. And at the time we (me and my fam) didn't really feel like it was worth it for me to stay and risk not finding something for a while.

But I ended up lining up a job over here pretty quick, and overall things hav been real smooth, so it all worked out well in the end, even if the location's not so desirable. I'll always hav the opportunity to look elsewhere again in the future :)

Haha well I can just call u Lisandra then! :D

Btw, idk if I mentioned something before, which if I did I apologize cause I don't want to seem pushy, but u can certainly add me on social if u like :)

I'm active on fb, skype, and discord ^_^

I know ur super busy but it'd still be nice to check in on u f/ time to time :D

XxZeroeZxX Jul 26, 2017

Aww u don't need to apologize to me ^_^

I like to think that we're gonna be besties at some point :)

And ur busy w/ important British stuff, like drinking tea and eating Indian food *pet* ;)

Oh I see, well yeah unfortunately things r very expensive in the central area of London I'm sure, but I mean I'm sure u can find a small flat for yourself at some point :D

Oh really? Go figure ^_^

Yes I actually greatly enjoyed my time in Dallas, its an awesome city, lots of things to do, lots of good places to eat, nearly perpetual Summer, can't complain ^_^

Actually if I ever get a chance I should totally show u the high rise I was living at when I was over there, it's pretty fucking amazing lolol

But now I'm back in my home state of Jersey, where the weather is very similar to the UK hahaha

I'm just a glutton for punishment it seems :P

Oh is it now? What ur name's Lisandra or something? (I just made that up btw lol)

Btw redundant at this point but, good god ur gorgeous! (that was a lot of g words lolol)

XxZeroeZxX Jul 19, 2017

Hi hi ^_^

Good to see ya, sorry I haven't been real chatty lately, works been kinda busy -_-

But in any case, a nice *hug* for u :)

So I was wondering, how do u like living in London? Hav u always been in the city?

I used to live in the City when I was in Texas, that was super fun ^_^

Also I've really been wondering, is ur real name Lisha? That's an interesting name :O