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A bit of a dissapointing watch. If you are hoping for a fantasy dad/daughter fluff, well.... you will get that  but it wont be as fulfilling.

The premise and quite a few things within the story held so much potential. It all leads to basically nothing.

I wouldnt bother watching this unless you have already went through all single parent/childcare/etc. anime.

Also the whole anime becomes kinda uncomfortable when you find out that the main character married and had children with his "daughter" in the original work.

6/10 story
4/10 animation
4/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall

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SouthernRiver Dec 12, 2021

Thanks a lot for this. I actually looked up to the end of the light novel and I find the end premise very very disturbing. Until ep 10 of the anime, things are okay. But then the last ep just left me feeling weird. I won't pick up the light novel and won't watch season 2 either if there's any. Too disturbing.

JustAkeno Sep 19, 2021

I mean, if we just overlook the fact that the anime leads nowhere and the original work is fucked up, it's a pretty average slice of life... but yeah it's usually hard for something to ruin an anime for me, but this time it's just too fucked up. It even starts to get weird towards the end of this anime.

Latina has such a creepy level of awareness to the point where it's clear that the writer himself/herself is probably a creep. In the last episodes, they kinda indicate what's going to come later on in the story, and I think that's the worst. Had they just kept that part out completely this would have been a completely innocent anime, separate from the original work..