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Song: Rare Monk - Happy Haunting)

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hi welcome to chili’s

name: linnéa
age: 25 
bday: 9th september
from: sweden
live: northern ireland
likes: manga, anime, youtube, 
snacks, go to the movies, cats
fave colour: violet purple, lemon yellow
fave bands/artists: jaws, blur, leo imai
fave tv shows: stranger things, happy valley
fave youtubers: supermega, nakeyjakey, emiru,
phoebe & me, my great challenge, edward avila
fave animes: death note, lovely complex
fave mangas: love so life, cage of eden

. : ★ : .・.☆.・. : ★ : .

stand up and shout, you got the world at
your feet, you've just got to work it out

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Verseau261 Nov 10, 2020

you're welcome! Thanks for following me back! ^^

gabrielz8 Nov 10, 2020

Hey, no problem =D

So, watching/reading something good recently?

DmaganaH Nov 1, 2020

Thank for the follow

Love your profile

Shygirly Oct 28, 2020

Thank you for the follow back!
Are you watching any interesting anime at the moment?

Have a nice night/day💗

poltherium Oct 15, 2020

Heeeyyy~ I'm so sorry for replying late!!! How are you doing? Is everything great over there? 

Yes!! bitten my my dog... T_T It's the second time I got bitten by the same dog in the same year. The one who accomodated me when I got into the emergency reprimanded me since I got bitten again. XDD Both, me and my dog are fine!!! He is more better than me, so I guess it's a sign that he feels good!!! Hahahahaha Yesss!!!! T_T Oohh, did you manage to buy it?? The pattern would be spectacular. Would love to see it!!! :)))) Thank you so much for your concern!!! Very appreciated!! T_T Hope your family is fine over there~

Yesss. My mind isn't processing on what I've learned from the past few weeks since the school began. Yes, we do it!! We also take the modules online too..... and exams.... we also make videos to pass.... Heeyyy!! Please take care, okay? I'm pretty concerned of your health since you need to work outside. It's still dangerous and we must not be too complacent about the issue. Oooohh.... :(((( It's fine to be tired since this year is pretty tiring. Rest as much as you can and drink water!! I think it would help you!! I don't know how I can help you. But, I know you'll do well over there. I understand how you felt without your family beside you, but I know you'll get through this. You'll see them someday. :)))) If you feel hopeless, you can talk to us!! We'll listen!! or read? Hahahahaha I can relate. 

OMGGGG, so glad you really enjoy them so much!!! Hope you feel comfort and happy from listening to them. Feel Special has great lyrics and it could totally help people during this pandemic. Stuck in my head is really good!!! I agree with you so much. I'm so speechless you love them. Hope you love them more as they return the love~ They'll have their upcoming comeback later  October 26!!  Hope you listen to it. Music can help you in many ways and I'm glad to hear you appreciating it more!!! Oohhh!!! I want to recommend but these days I'm listening to twice....... We'll see in the later days. HAhahahahaah How about you? You can recommend me some!! 

Mixed Vegetables?? Ooohh, that's sounds interesting!! I'll put it in my soon to read list. hehehehe

I'm so thankful!!! T_T I also love talking to you. It made my day!!! <3 Ahh, that's understandable. I'm also in that state at the moment. Projects are piling up and I haven't done anything at all..... XDD Awww, likewise!!! <3 ^_^