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Song: DAOKO × 米津玄師『打上花火』)

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hi welcome to chili’s

name: linnéa
age: 23 
bday: 9th september
from: sweden
live: northern ireland
likes: manga, anime, youtube, 
snacks, go to the movies, cats
fave colour: purple
fave bands/artists: jaws, blur, leo imai
fave tv shows: stranger things, game of thrones
fave youtubers: supermega, bubzvlogz, dyrus,
phoebe & me, my great challenge, edward avila
fave animes: death note, lovely complex
fave mangas: love so life, cage of eden

. : ★ : .・.☆.・. : ★ : .

stand up and shout, you got the world at
your feet, you've just got to work it out

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Ridoy00 Apr 30, 2019

Hi..I am New at this Site , hope we can be friends.🍀

AnimeMan369 Mar 4, 2019

Hey LinLin!

Thank you so much for the holiday wishes! (I'm so late getting back to you. I'm sorry!!!)

Hope all is well and you've been having a great year so far!

Have you been watching anything new lately?

BlizzardRed Feb 9, 2019

Hmm, I honestly thought it wouldn't make much of a difference. But I suppose I feel more responsible.
Yeah nope I'm not from US. 

Tate no Yuusha No Nariagari, True Episode 4 was a bit meh but Episode 5 gave me another opinion.
Actually, I didn't realize how each episode actually did give me a meh or awesome or okay feeling till I wrote it down... just now. lol well anyway, Really enyojed how this anime is as well an anime with "Ranking up/titles" now that he becomes a Lord makes me wonder. Will he make is own kingdom as well?! if the anime ever goes that far. ^^

Alright well take your time Arslan Senki Season 2 won't run away!
Related image

Haha yeah I'm not even sure if I will even continue watching my "Stalled" list I feel like I put them there only so I have a peace of mind XD. Though I do clean it out once a while whether they are still animes I might one day want to  watch.

Ah yeah The Seven deadly Sins. Also, a nice anime though I couldn't get into Season 2 when it came out.
Maybe I lost my hype for it.

One Anime I would suggest for you? Well looking at your ratings and your Fav. things I would suggest:
Re:ZERO - No brainer, I believe you'll love it.
Related image

Found a few more but since you asked me only one i'll leave it at that.
Let me know what you think of Re:ZERO.

How is Scrapped Princess I have it in my "want to watch" list but haven't seen it yet. Maybe I'll watch it in a few days.

TheGazetto Feb 6, 2019

Hello, i found it here: switch it to vertical mode for easier reading on desktop

mangarock also has an app if you wanna read on an ipad or your phone lol 

you've read a lot of manga that ive read but here are some of my favourites: bio meat, cage of eden, fuan no tane, ibitsu, monster, princess resurrection, shibatora, tasogare otome x amnesia, aku no hana and crime & punishment: A falsified romance

BlizzardRed Jan 29, 2019

Thanks Linnéa , I appreciate it! No way, yeah I do live in USA also 5 years now! You are right time passes quickly. Well was traveling with my family and we climbed Preikestolen. Before that we we're visiting friends in Denmark. Going to new places, seeing magnificent sights, I suppose all in all traveling is Just amazing :)

Oh Tate no Yuusha No Nariagari, so far I am loving it 2nd fav. anime that I am watching right now besides Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken. I see you watching Tate no Yuusha No Nariagari as well. I gotta say I was surprised when it suddenly took a turn for the worst and Naofumi realizes he was betrayed, though kinda did find Suphia a little suspicious from the start lol. Though I do want to find out if the betrayal was all planned ahead. Further, what the reaction of the other heroes would be if it ever comes to light.

I hope you are enjoying Tate no Yuusha No Nariagari.

Hmm I see you are watching Arslan Senki what are your thoughts on it?