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Piyush012606 Sep 24, 2020

oh then what naruto character u like punk

lynnxxotaku Apr 6, 2020

It's called ''changing my opinion'' like bruh I literally was only 5 episodes in before I decided what I felt for the character, I mean I like/hate Bakugou at the same time, also don't go calling me a retarded incel and shit because if you look at things clearly you're the one who's retarded you literally came attacking me for having two different opinions on a character, legit go get a job dude instead of harassing me for changing my opinion thanks :)

brokensaint058 Nov 2, 2019

Agreed to disagree on Emiya Potato-kun being a well written character in the anime on surface or otherwise.

Axtumn Oct 8, 2019

I agree with your comment on Bakugou, he sucks.