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KiraRin Sep 25, 2010

Just noticed you added me as a friend, so figured I would say hi!

I never realised you were another "oldie" :p


unitzero Sep 23, 2010


well you haven't seen P.O.T. but maybe this will help anyway:

Another example of the difference between who would get the stoic tag and who wouldn’t are Ryouma Echizen and Kunimitsu Tezuka from Prince of Tennis. In this case Tezuka DOES get the tag as he is very serious and never reacts no matter what the situation, in fact the closes he comes to showing any kind of reaction is to wryly smile - and even that is a rarity. On the flip side, while Ryouma is a fairly serious individual he does NOT get the tag. Unlike the calm and indifferent nature that characters with the stoic tag should have, Ryouma has a habit of actively taunting his opponents. He also does tend to react to situations with shock or surprise, and shows intense terror when it comes to Inui’s special juice - something that even Tezuka doesn’t react to despite his own innate fear of it.


next time you are online we will talk about the Sarah W example we were wondering about yesterday. I think I have it figured out.

unitzero Sep 15, 2010

Yeah I saw a prefect shot of Dai that captured his personality but then I forgot where it was. I usually DL the stuff, watch it on a vlc player and makes notes as I watch... then I run the file through a different program to grab my screens.

I also found 2 dvd specials. I watched the first one last night about a RPG type VR game. funny as hell.

I really liked the series. It was surprising how serious it got and the ED song is so sad. You should log on to your chat more often!

anyway I'll add your Guin stuff later on today.


unitzero Sep 15, 2010

hey Lester,

do you know the name of the kid in Dai's class (daichis earth defense) who is kind of like the class bully. I want to add him but I can't figure out what his name is right now.


ThePatches Sep 1, 2010

I cleared the ancient Muteki Kanban Musume submissions that you did, but I left off most of the images due to aliasing (because I know you can do better!). Go ahead and submit new images and I'll throw 'em up (would be great if you could hit up the ones already up, too, as they're also slightly aliased but I put them up without checking closely).