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Hit on By a Kinky Guy

Jan 11, 2022

This story would've been amazing if the events that occurred from chapters 1-30 were consensual. It had a good potential to be a good BDSM story but the non-con was a bit off-putting. The art was a bit odd when I first started reading this story but I've come to appreciate the beauty that this odd art style holds. I am in love with the way the illustrator draws crying faces and the heavy ink that's used on some panels, I also love the way the illustrator draws side profiles...(it's odd but their art style really gets to me for some reason). Story-wise the author could've gone a whole entire different route and could've made it more enjoyable for both us the reader and the poor uke. I love the uke, Yu, he's a sweet and hardworking dude and his character design is very beautiful in my opinion (His facial expression and reactions are the best!). Meanwhile, the seme, Takamada (he has another name but I forgot it), is a complete asshole from chapters 1-30. I really didn't like him in the least and even past those chapters, I feel that his excuse for doing what he did to Yu was pretty stupid. People have gone through worst things in their life and they don't just go and non-con someone that has a "better" life than them... at least the seme is aware of this but it's still kinda messed up... If you want to like the seme then I'd recommend you to forget whatever happened in chapters 1-30. After these chapters he's kinda nice, I was finding him likable and I liked how he even started asking for consent. I have no idea what'll happen after chapter 75, I hope the seme doesn't f*ck up the good relationship he and the uke have. Their relationship could've been so much better if it started on the basis of consent. The illustrator/author did do a well-paced "redemption" arc. If you enjoy pretty messed-up stories then maybe this will be your cup of tea. If you don't like f*cked up shit then maybe I'd put this one to the side for now. 

3/10 story
6/10 art
4/10 characters
6/10 overall
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