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hi there and welcome to my page ! my name is silas - intp - and i go by they / he :) 

hobbies :
- plants . i absolutely love them , my favourite would have to be a bamboo ( first plant i ever got ) or a venus fly trap . oh i also have a large collection of avocado plants
- watching anime and reading manga ( i think that’s pretty obvious )
- playing / watching video games . i don’t usually play multiplayer games , i prefer ones such as the last of us ( the second game hurt so much ) , uncharted , resident evil , days gone , we happy few and many more . oh and minecraft of course can’t forget that gem , i’ve been playing it since 2014 and to this day haven’t defeated the enderdragon once heh
- i enjoy making art like drawing in my sketchbook or sewing things every once in a while . i sometimes make edits as well ( although i take forever to finish a drawing / edit because i have no motivation ,_, )
- this is the last thing or we’ll be here for a while . making playlists . okay i will admit i have way too many liked songs BUT that’s because i always make and then delete playlists . they’re just fun to make 

i’ve been watching anime for over a year now as a friend suggested it to me , so feel free to leave any recommendations ( anime and manga ) . i like just about anything and even if i don’t like the anime i will watch it to the end , i always like to give things a chance . i also love studio ghibli movies . i go to sleep quite late so i’m always up watching something or just scrolling through instagram / pinterest . i'm on here pretty much everyday too so feel free to comment whatever anything

favourite genre : well that would have to be horror , psychological , romance , adventure and probably comedy although i enjoy everything :)

how i rate anime here :
5 - absolutely amazing , probably one of my favourites
4.5 - i loved it , would probably watch again
4 - it was good , probably wouldn't watch again though
3.5 - i enjoyed it
3 - it was okay , still enjoyable
2.5 - wasn’t bad but wasn’t good either
2 - meh , wasted my time a bit
1.5 - what did i just watch
1 - why was this even made
0.5 - i need to use bleach for my eyes

favourite anime movies

a silent voice


kiki's delivery service

anime gifs and love | Studio ghibli art, Ghibli art, Anime

princess mononoke 

gif Princess Mononoke studio ghibli pressuregauge •


favourite anime shows 

acca: 13-territory inspection dept

91 days 

A3! season spring and summer 

Anime Gifset Dump

ouran highschool host club

#ouran high school host club from All things anime and K-pop

devilman crybaby

anime gifs / art / media

death parade

ghost stories ( dub )

#this one gets a solo from Ghost Stories Gifs

( if you havent watched ghost stories dubbed please do its the funniest thing )


theres more that are my favourite but these are probably some of my top ones ! okay well if you've read this far you're awesome , thank you for visitng my profile :)

and finally make sure to take care of yourself , go drink some water and have a snack . i hope you have a good day / night <3


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chrysalxm May 11, 2021

heya sorry for responding late:O

thank you so much for the suggestions! i'll definitely start watching them:)

chrysalxm May 8, 2021


i would love some anime suggestions if you dont mind:o i'm not sure currently on what to watch after i finish the ones i'm currently watching aha:)

chrysalxm May 6, 2021

hey hey! it's nice to meet you! :}

i see that you like studio ghlibi movies, same here:O honestly i would have to say that ponyo has been my favourite so far but i really wanna watch princess mononoke next:]

anyway i just wanted to drop by and say your profile looks amazing and you seem v cool 😎

CH0ERRY Mar 13, 2021

hello! thanks for the follow! i hope your day has been great as well! 

for me, my favorite anime is probably mob psycho 100! i became almost instantly hooked on it when i first watched it!! i also really like wonder egg priority, but i wouldn't call it my favorite since it's still airing! 

how about you? do you have any favorites? i'd love to hear about them!

GalezOasis Mar 11, 2021

Aww well good to know, I am a talker!!

Yes that is understandable, everyone has their own likes and dislikes! I've been meaning to get into gl but it is a slow process as I do love my bl. If I read or see any wholesome gl I will be sure to let you know!!

NEUWFIBRF- I'm sorry that did get a few laughs out of me!! Bl/yaoi is such a good time distracter for me and my manga page is just a full mess so a warning again! But that is totally understandable, just because you read gl or bl doesn't mean you have to read the sexual scenes of it. I totally get it, I can always give you wholesome ones if you prefer!!

All good, take your time with anime!! But yes the Ancient Magus Bride is one of my all time favorites, it is so enjoyable and I have rewatched it so many times now. Yes a friend of mine told me catching up on anime is like a chore now, in which is so true for me. But yes take your time and do enjoy it, I know I did!!