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hi there & welcome to my page! my name is ash (any pronouns will do just fine idrc) - aries | intp | hufflepuff

ps. clicking on any of the gifs will send you straight to the anime :)

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before we begin, let me make it clear that i in no way will try to make you change your ratings!! when we have a discussion about which anime is better, i might come across as a bit full on, something i dont always realise i do, so if you could let me know when that happens i would appreciate it as i dont want to upset anyone. all i want is to understand why you think x anime was good/bad, or why x anime why better than x anime. thats it :)! also i dont do f4f... i'll follow back if we have had a prior discussion and i like you, or i see your profile and think that we could be friends due to similarities in the people we are/our taste in anime. okay onto the main bio -->


┏━ hobbies ━┓

- collecting plants and learning about flowers in order to create some compositions!
- pretty obvious but watching anime & reading manga/comics/books (esp classics or history books)
- video games are right up my alley, i've been playing them ever since i was a kid. i even have a tattoo based of the last of us as that is my all time favourite :)
- making art is something i quite enjoy doing, though i often take forever to finish a piece due to lack of motivation haha
- like anime, i enjoy watching movies & shows. theres too many fandoms which i am in but i love each & every one of them, such as marvel, dc, merlin, fantastic mr fox (favourite movie!) etc. feel free to ask or go to letterboxd for more :)
- learning languages, such as japanese! okay this one may make me out to be one of those people who want to learn japanese so they can only watch anime without subtitles or whatever, but i'm actually going on a trip to japan this year for two months which again i'm not going because of the anime!! the country is so much more than that & i wanna enjoy those aspects seperate from anime. i also know how to speak two other languages: polish, bsl/asl & english! i would like to learn more languages eventually
- making music playlists. my spotify & youtube music is filled with too many playlists because i like to keep organised :,)

i've been watching anime for about 4 years now, but i did watch a crap ton of pokemon growing up. please feel free to leave any recs as i'm always looking for something new to watch (too many to choose from in the 'tbw' list so i use a random anime generator to save time searching lol). i suppose my favourite genres would have to be anything horror/psychological based, along with a bit of crime & romance, though tbf i enjoy all genres. you can also find me on instagram/pinterest/tumblr if anyone wants to have further conversations :) i have finished college studying criminology, RPE & psychology (i managed to get 3 B's for my results!! never thought that would happen haha) and i'm going to university in september for nursing (bachlors honours :D) in wales! i am hoping to complete my bachlors honours in 4 years, after which i will go on to do a masters in nursing :) after that (if things go to plan) i will begin my docterate in nursing!! i am currently working at a care home which i'm really enjoying!! i will try to be on here more often, so feel free to comment anything & i will try to get back to you


┏━ websites used to watch anime and read manga ━┓

 for anime i use 9anime, yugenanime which does have ads but this can be overcome by using an ad blocker (ublock origin is a god send) and movieuniverse which has an animation section but you cannot filter through it so there will be other animations such as adventure time etc (it does have a good selection though with anime i haven't heard of before). manga wise would be webtoon and comick which has a language filtering system that i personally am happy with as it gives me both polish and japanese titles


┏━ how i rate anime around here ━┓ 

5 - i loved it, don't have any complaints about it
4.5 - amazing but not enough wrmph for my liking
4 - great but there were a few flaws present
3.5 - i enjoyed it but would i rewatch? probably not
3 - kinda neutral about it
2.5 - wasn’t bad but wasn’t that good either
2 - enjoyment? none.
1.5 - time wasted with this
1 - god why did i decide to watch this
0.5 - no comment. this was the worst. bleach for my eyes are needed.
0 - either forgot to rate or i watched it long ago so idk what to rate it

(note that not all low ranked anime are bad in terms of story & animation, i just personally didnt enjoy them)


┏━ favourite movies ━┓

-ˋˏ a silent voice ˎˊ

tumblr_ofegqqukL21tcr2fko2_540.gif (540×223) | A silent voice manga, Anime  movies, Anime

┏━ favourite shows ━┓

-ˋˏ attack on titan ˎˊ

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-ˋˏ link click ˎˊ

Link Click Shiguang Daili Ren GIF - Link Click Shiguang Daili Ren Anime -  Discover & Share GIFs

theres probably a few more favourites lingering about but lets leave it at that because i can't think of any more haha (also a 5/5 score doesn't mean it is a favourite of mine, a 4.5 or even a 4 can be a favourite). well, if you've read this far you're awesome! thank you for visiting my profile & sticking around to read a little snapshot of who i am :)


make sure you're taking care of yourself, go drink some water & have a snack. i hope you have a good morning/afternoon/evening <3

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side note: i believe in the jean kirschtein supremacy

i love (1) man (jean kirschtein) — Jean Kirschtein ☆ S4E13   Life Begins at Night — Cuddle me, *ssh*le! (Jean KirsteinxFem!Reader)

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OkamiHime95 Feb 24, 2024

Hello! I'm so sorry that I haven't replied in so long, but a lot of things happened in my life so much, that it would take forever to list them all. I also have been/am going through a ton of personal anxiety.

Also, I lost your comment and am unable to find it, so I don't remember most of what you asked me. :(

I know something had to do with video games, and another one to do with the puppy, but other than that, I honestly don't recall. In short, the puppy hasn't turned out like I imagined a Labrador would be, but I still love him nonetheless.

Well, I hope things are going well for you, and I hope you see this. I apologize again for losing your comment. :(

Stay safe! :)

ProfessorAkahige Aug 8, 2023

A bit late but thanks!

legnanellaf Jun 20, 2023

Hello! I have been watching anime since I was a kid and now Im 30, so its been a long while. Its a big hobby of mine in the end haha. 

Stnh Jun 3, 2023

And just because they are both labeled as shonen doesn't mean they are similar and I have to like them. One piece is labeled as a shonen and is that remotely close to jjk? No.

Stnh Jun 3, 2023

 The story and characters of jjk and demon slayer are entirely different. Jjk's story is way more bland then demon slayers imo. Personally I liked Lookism even though it's not realistic, I enjoyed Lookism way more than jjk. You also need to remember that my ratings are based off my opinions not yours. You may like jjk but I'm not going to change my rating based of your opinions