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ktcandycorn Oct 9, 2021

Hey i see that you followed me! I also saw that you watch alot of studio ghibli films. There the best! I totally suggest that you finish season one of tokyo ghoul. It's SOOOOO good. Tbh I have no clue how your not a fan of Kaneki, because he's the coolest character in the first season. JUST WAIT. But season 2 and on is pretty terrible. I heard the manga is good if your interested in the sotry though. But if your not a huge fan of the show as a whole I wouldn't recommend finishing it. Season one is really the best its gonna get. If you ever want to talk or ask for some recomendations I would be more than happy to go back and forth. I may take a while to get back to you just because school and applications are a little crazy atm, but I promise to eventually get back. -kt