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don't think too much of my ratings, it's really just personal to if i enjoyed it or not, and it's cool if you agree or not but don't throw hate on me for that, thank you

here, have a gif

the first anime i watched was pokemon, the first manga i've read was Erased

the last anime i've watched was Star Wars: Visions

the last manga i've read was Jojolion

I am currently watching One Piece

Top seasonal picks
I'm totally not copying it from anyone

Wnter 2021- SK8 the Infinity
Spring 2021- Vivy Fluorite Eye's Song and To Your Eternity
Summer 2021- Sonny Boy

I really enjoy music, my favourite band is Gorillaz but i'll listen to anything

when it comes to anime, i'll watch about anything

I have a list for my favourite anime openings and for my favourite endings

And one for LGBTQ+ characters in anime

if i leave any anime unrated, it's probably an OVA (with some exceptions), music video, short or recap

First anime watched in 2020:Dragon Ball

First anime watched in 2021: The Promised Neverland 2nd season

excuse me if my english isn't the best at some points, it's not my first language. my first language is portuguese

my discord is lain_skywalker ツ#2905. hit me up so we can talk or something

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Glitterz Aug 2, 2021

O, my goodness! I litterally just learned how to play 'feel good inc' on the guitar, because it was always stuck in my head🤣

Haha, hi! I wanted to thank you for the follow :)

Also: I have 'words bubble up like soda pop' on my list, would you recommend it?

I hope you have a nice day 🌸

phantomKID25 Aug 1, 2021

hii thanks for the follow back 

here are some recommendations 

haikyuu , free , jujutsu kaisen , fruits basket , kono oto tomare , violet evergarden and hyouka one of my fav

do check them out they're pretty good 

if u have any recommendations for me please do tell me 

have a nice day/night :)

Chibibakachan Jul 27, 2021

No prob, thanks for the follow! <3

Sajonji Jul 22, 2021

Yeah, i don't mind it either, i just like to question things and maybe learn things from other peoples perspective ;)