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hey! im lain and here's a couple stuff about me :)

the first anime i watched was pokemon, the first manga i've read was Erased

the last anime i've watched was Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 Season 2

the last manga i've read was Takopi's Original Sin

Top seasonal picks
I'm totally not copying it from anyone

Wnter 2021- SK8 the Infinity
Spring 2021- Vivy Fluorite Eye's Song and To Your Eternity
Summer 2021- Sonny Boy 
Fall 2021- Ousama Ranking and 86 Part 2
Winter 2022 - Police in a Pod and Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2
Spring 2022 - Paripi Koumei

I really enjoy music, my favourite band is Gorillaz but i'll listen to anything

when it comes to anime, i'll watch about anything

I have a list for my favourite anime openings and for my favourite endings

And one for LGBTQ+ characters in anime

if i leave any anime unrated, it's probably an OVA (with some exceptions), music video, short or recap

First anime watched in 2020:Dragon Ball

First anime watched in 2021: The Promised Neverland 2nd season

First anime watched in 2022: Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc

excuse me if my english isn't the best at some points, it's not my first language. my first language is portuguese

my discord is lain_skywalker ツ#2905. hit me up so we can talk or something


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InSonicBloom Feb 16, 2022

this is the autism mecca after all.

InSonicBloom Feb 15, 2022

"ignore that last comment and just love this non-binary icon who clearly acts as wingperson for tadano and komi more often than not
seriously, anyone with an attention span can figure that one out. they even shut down yamai with the sausage thing" -  Najimi is a boy, he's not "non-binary" (there's no such thing)
and if he is what is considered an icon for that made-up gender, then it doesn't say much for those that identify as such. as for Komi and Tadanos relationship, if Najami didn't 
exist, they'd probably be together by now. he is a cockblocking asshole, attention seeking, crossdressing twat. glad I could help straighten that out for you.

OsumarefromMAL Feb 3, 2022

Yeah it's why I don't really care for anime reviews on sites like MAL as much as I used to, while there are still great constructive critiques out here, nowadays a lot of anime reviewers are "holier than thou" edgy elitists who basically just look to see if something is popular and then say it's trash so they can be ~different~ and ~oh so smart~ because they hate anything that is well-liked.

OsumarefromMAL Jan 30, 2022

I saw your comment to thatanimeslob's to your eternity review and yeah that dude is such a cringy edgelord that clearly doesn't pay attention to most of the anime he watches and just gives bad reviews and scores to be a cool edgelord for not liking something critically acclaimed.

AnimeLemon Dec 28, 2021

I completely agree with everything you said. I hate it when people sort of pay attention, then write a bad review, like wow, so unique.