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Prison School

Jul 11, 2019

Prison School is one of the incountless stories that treat sexual harassment as a form of entertainment rather as the serious subject matter that it is. I'm not some religious prude, but it doesn't hurt to write consensual sexual relationships, does it? However, I can give a pass to Prison School since it's supposed to not be taken seriousy, unlike those poorly written romances.

The premisse is about five boys who are the first males accepted in an all-girls school, but they're too pathetic to talk to the female students normally, so they decide to spy on them while they're showering. As a result, they're punished by a secret student council and are imprisoned. Yes, there is literally a prison inside a school. This is another manga cliché I hate: why does everything have to happen in a school? Why couldn't the story just be about adult losers being arrested in a real prison? 

From now, we follow the journey of Kiyoshi and his friends enduring the abuse of the members from Underground Student Council and trying to come up with a plan to be released, while also having to conciliate their prisoner duties and their personal life. I wasn't expecting too much after reading the first chapters, but Prison School actually does a great job at being humorous. It has a lot of hilariously misunderstandings and absurd situations that are treated so seriously by the characters that you can't help but crack up. Despite the absurdness, there are some times where you actually take what the characters are going through seriously, and do end up feeling bad for them or respecting them. 

Now, about the ecchi part. I think Prison School works better as a comedy instead of ecchi. The sexual scenes are just too gross for me to enjoy. Golden shower and transpiration are two recurrent themes in the story.  By the way, it was kinda disturbing and uncomfortable to see minors having such explicit sexual actions. That's a little hypocritical of me. It's not like I take manga too seriously, but the art is just too realistic for me to ignore the fact they are just teenagers.

Prison School  is only great until the correspondent chapter of the ending of the anime. It does have some good things going on after that, but the bad aspects surpass them. This manga was dragged for too long. And it gets concluded in an unsactisfatory way, leaving many answerings unsolved. I wasn't mad about the plot twist, after all, this manga never was serious. I was mad about the fact many plots didn't get finished.

6/10 story
10/10 art
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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