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Darwin's Game

Oct 17, 2021

just a generic death game/battle royale nothing really special.

story: some high schooler is accidentally dragged into a brutal death game by his best friend, and hes forced to fight for his life in a game he has not one idea how to play. its pretty center cut tbh it has noting unique about it. the main ale is your generic shonen protagonist, but he isnt your generic battle royale protagonist, so its like a breath of fresh air but then they fill the room with methane gas. the ending is a complete cliffhanger and is corny as fuck, sucked all the excitemenet from the final "fight" out my body.

animation: on the ropes with this one. sometimes it looks exquisite. unique angles and great fights then sometimes it looks genuinely horrific, with stiff ass CGI suddenly coming out of nowhere and those weird angles not being properly drawn on occasion. Its pretty violent from beginning to end but it never feels gimmicky or out of sorts so thats a relative plus.

sound: intro and outro are pretty good. but the fight soundtrack towards the ending epsodes was immaculate. shit had me going back multiple times just to hear it again. voice acting is adequate. the script can be fucking horrendous on occasion tho

characters: main male is just a mediocre battle royale male with a lot less cowardice and a little bit of level headedness to him, but all in all hes nothing special. Shuka is just a discount flea market yandere but i do enjoy her. The rest of the characters are extremely underdeveloped and mediocre as hell, save for Rein shes pretty cool. The villain of the series is plain and simple completely ass. They just tried tomake him as edgy as possible by making him some sadistic snake like maniac who anally fuvks dead bodies.

Some of the powers in this anime are extremely cool like Rein's power Laplace. I dont know what it means but she does some very cool shit with it. Shuka's is also very elite.

basically a mediocre battle royale with super powers tossed in. worth your time for a semi yandere and one cool power (and a very very hot chinese assassin), and if that doesnt sound enticing, then its not worth your time

3/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
3/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
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