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Prism Ark

Oct 14, 2021

This anime is basically a bunch of teases. Some comedy, but not enough. Some mid romance but not enough, some dark moments but still not enough. Some ecchi a solid amount but i need more. Alot more. Also need more Sister Hell. Way way waaaaaaay more. 

story: its the crusade but without the rape and maruading of the holy land and a lot more fat titties magic and shitty tsundere. its flimsy. pretty much a relatively linear plot with relatively linear characters. romance was pretty ass since preicia is a grade A USDA certified asshole the entire series. Honestly a little less romance and a little more boobies would go a long way because jesus christ it has a shitty eroge quality story and tries to take itself seriously by being scrupulous with the titties. 

animation: decent. ecchi wasnt bad, need more. fights werent terrible but they were average at best.

sound: intro and outro were exquisite. soundtrack was meh voice acting wasnt bad save for the high pitched loli voices.

characters. all generic except for Sister Hell. pretty interesting character, good "design". wish she wasnt a fucking tomato farmer for 2 fucking episodes and they didnt shove her backstory down my throat in the worst way possible. god she is so hot. rest of the characters were comic relief or nothing really. main maleis boring unremarkable and undeiably terrible. as stated preicia is a fucking bitch towards him and everyone else but they still somehow fall inn love. despite preicia AND hyaweh having no redeeming qualities minus precia being attractive and hyaweh being a fucking idiot.

honestly if the anime stopped trying to take itself seriously and threw in some titties and didnt make me sit thrrough that godawful romance id feel a lil better about. shit was about as bad as the crusade itself.  

3/10 story
5/10 animation
7/10 sound
2/10 characters
4.3/10 overall

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