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When They Cry: Rei

Jun 4, 2020

This entry into the Higurashi series has soiled my entire view of the franchise. After they slightly fumbled and recovered, they dropped the fuck out of the ball with this one. Just overall a waste of my time.

Story: Instead of a decent story and a kind of confusing plotline id expect from Higurashi, they basically pulled some source material out of their asses slapped in two filler episodes to bookend it and bam, worthless addition to a series that basically had one amazing season. 

Animation: Its like instead of slightly improving from the slight improvement of Kai they decided to let someones 4 year old son animate it which resulted in of course, a shitty product, and the framerate is about as high as my fucking IQ. The opening animation lured me in, promising a mysterious and exciting series of OVA. I was lied to.

Sound: The intro and outro weren't as good as the first two seasons but they were still great. The intro was by Eiko Shinomiya(same as season 1/2) and the outro by anNina, who did the phenomenal season 2 outro. The script absolutely circumvented the attempt at a story. First, they kept making Yukari Tamura(rikas voice) say "fur seal" in reference to Keiichi's dick, which ruined the first episode. Second, it gets very boring. They just say a bunch of stuff to work around whats gonna happen. Third, i dont know what hapened but world-weary, semi aggressive Rika didn't hit as hard as she used to. Those iconic scenes of her sipping on wine and just vybin really hit different, while these scenes didn't hit at all.

Characters: Overall, i dont even know what to say. Mion and Shion still sexy, Rika and Satoko are still some lolis, Takano is still the lying devious irreputably evil whore that i thought she was. Keiichi still an idiot. Rena still whimsical as fuck. No development or anything important.

Series went downhill from the first season. Hopefully the Passione reboot of Higurashi is good but for now imma stick to the 1st season because this was a waste of my fucking time. I suggest you do too, because if your not a lolicon like me, theyll ruin Rika 4 u. 

4/10 story
5/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall

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