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Welp. That’s the end of that. Kind of.

Story: Same as the previous season. Same ending as the first season. Same MC motivation. It was a repeat of the first season, which left me dissatisfied since I wanted a fitting conclusion. Sure we get 3 new harem assets, but the generic villains and really really shounen aftertaste of this shit didn’t go down well. Im also confused on WTF is happening half the time.

Animation: Its type good. Although a little clunky in really fast fighting scenes, it serves well. Also this is really violent. Nothing you’d expect from a Borderline Hentai.

Sound: Good intro. If u listen close u would know there’s three different versions of the intro(at least). All fye. The sound effects in the opening scene. Not a banger. At all.

Characters: Only develoment is to the harem. That sounds godly for a harem anime. But the character motivation (when it’s attempted and Basara isn’t sucking Mio’s tits) is lackluster. The villains are flat and not particularly intersting. As you’ll see in the end. 

This shit gave off a half hentai half Naruto half DxD vibe. It was like watching a less fun, more sexual, less of a tease with a better male(maybe) DxD.

it was meh

7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
7.3/10 overall
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