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High School DxD NEW

Aug 10, 2018

This is the most oversexualized anime in ever I stg.

Story: Back with more jokes, more characters, and a whole lot more ecchi! Issei continues his oppai adventures with a better story more characters (and more development) and a lot more violence. We get Kiba’s backstory which I was waiting for and the story instead of having boobs fill it in fills it with dialogue which I love. And the harem is real now. It went from Rias and Asia to like every fucking female in the city, shit is triggering. It’s also funny all the way to episode 12. We also learn Issei’s real motives. I still need Konekos backstory.

Animation: The animation is better and has hella ecchi. It’s literally boobs in every episode. If you get it uncensored you’ll be shook. I watched it like that and I was stunned. When Akeno sucked Isseis fingers I was going Fuck you Issei. Like how. Why can’t anyone do that to ya boi. They improved on the animation it seems a little brighter. Before it felt like the brightness was turned down or something 

Sound: The intros were good second better than the first. Everything was pretty much the same. They still didn’t change that bitch ass BOOST. Like someone for real needs to shut that shit up.

Characters: This is a harem harem. Akeno who was already thirsty becomes even thirstier and we get backstory. She’s content with being a side piece. Amazing. Rias still being the president but a lot cuter and she gets jealous easily. Fuck Issei. Asia is also thirsty and now she strips down. Enough of the ass character descriptions. We get Kibas fucked up backstory, 2 angels, Xenovia and Irina, and the coolest douche of all time Azazel. And a cross dressing vampire. This is a really good cast with Issei coming back more intense than ever. All Hail The Harem God Issei. 

How this harem works

Rias: She sleeps near Issei and consistently wakes up naked next to him. And she shoves her boobs in his face. She’s like the main chick with like hella competitors. Cockblocks Akeno Every. Fucking. TIME.

Asia: The innocent one who Issei likes maybe as much as Rias. She(never one to be left out) strips every single time Rias or Akeno strips and makes it a threesome. And she’s so cute Issei can’t resist. She also cockblocks Rias on a constant basis

Akeno: The confirmed sidehoe. Even then she still takes every opportunity to either put Issei’s face in her boobs or since the dragon power hurts let him have her suck the extra power out his hands. Fuck you Issei. Yea but she’s so hot. 

Xenovia: Exact words “Lets make a baby Issei”. She only wants him so they can have sex. Literally. She wants him for the D. Why tho? Because he can fight and he has strong genes. So essentially she wants in them jeans to get them genes. Bet.

Koneko: Not really that much into it but you can tell she want Issei to beat them buns up. She doesn’t run up and go Fuck Me Xenovia style or shove Issei into her nonexistent breasts. She says subtle shit like Stella from Chivalry of a Failed Knight. She continuously calls him a lecherous perv or any of the other and says stuff like “I wish you looked at my boobs like that”.


Anyway watch the anime it’s pretty good. Unlike my reviews


8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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