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KarinXOXO Nov 10, 2021

Whoop! You found her! :)

KarinXOXO Nov 9, 2021

The avatar image I believe you are referring to is Ichinose Shiki from The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls :)

SHOTO777 Nov 8, 2021

Okay, thank you, I understand that now. I really didn't mean to push that onto other people, I think I over-expressed myself by a lot. And thank you for following me, I've followed you back. I actually didn't know that book was part of a trilogy, so I'll have to give those other two books a read if I can find them as well. Anyway, I hope we've both come to a mutual understanding and that we'll be able to get along easily.

SHOTO777 Nov 8, 2021

I've been expecting this. Woo hoo. Okay, so, first off, I am completely aware that Hitler wasn't the only person ordering the deaths of the Jews, but the fact that he supported killing off a bunch of people just because of what they believed in is not anything admirable. Maybe I'm just biased, but I prefer being able to believe in what I want to without the danger of being killed because of a politician. I say this in the nicest way possible, but I probably won't be reading any of those books because, one, I don't have them and I doubt they'd have them at the library. It's not that I want to remain "incompetent," as you called me, I just know that I would remember the biography I read of a Jewish Holocaust survivor who lost his family, saw people die, was starved, abused, forced to work in concentration camps, and a whole lot more horrible things. How would you feel if these things happened to you? If the government let these things happen to you, wouldn't you feel at least a little bitter towards it? No, you'd feel more than a little bitter, you'd probably feel pure hatred towards the government, and if it were happening to everyone who had the same idealism as you, then you'd know that there is a specific type of people being targeted here. Now, I know that Jews were not the only ones killed, Polish Christians and disabled people were also among those who died. That's downright sick, in my opinion. I don't care if you agree or not, but what if you were killed just because you were born with a disability that was out of your control? My whole point revolves around this statement:

How would you feel if you were killed simply for what you believed in, or because you weren't perfect?

If I can find those books, maybe I'll give them a read. I'll at least recommend one book to you. Night by Elie Wiesel. It was the Jewish biography I had read, and it isn't very long, probably about a hundred pages depending on the copy.

And also, I do admit that I exploded a little in my comment, but what I was feeling at the time was completely genuine and I still feel the same, although I wish I hadn't said everything so explosively. (I also wish I worded some things differently. I feel like calling everyone a Nazi just because they like Hitler is a bit overkill, and I wish I didn't say that. I was very angry about the subject, but that doesn't excuse the behavior and I do apologize if I offended you about that. I'm pretty sure that alone made me deserve to be called "incompetent" and I'm glad it wasn't worse.)

stardust2222 Nov 8, 2021

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