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KarinXOXO Nov 10, 2021

Aww, such kind words. It has been a pleasure for me as well.

As for your neighbors with slapping and moaning, I can only imagine what they are doing lol but I do sympathize that your sleep is affected by it

KarinXOXO Nov 10, 2021

Ah, don't take it personally. So this is quite busy and she would have probably look at your statement and get distracted and forget to respond lol It happens to all of us mods as well 

KarinXOXO Nov 10, 2021

*She giggled* You are quite the funny one, I see.

And as for my favorite character, ooh there are too many...

KarinXOXO Nov 10, 2021

I am sorry, kind sir though I fear I have failed such a question but the avatar is delightfully stunning 

KarinXOXO Nov 10, 2021

Well, kind sir, I am Karin and I am delighted to meet your acquaintance