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Synonimity Nov 17, 2021

Haha thanks. Also, it's nice to meet you.

Can't help but notice you have watched an impressive amount of episodes too. Idk how much i would be able to recommend I can always give it a shot if you like.

That being said, if you ever want to talk anything anime/video game related lmk.

BoneBroth Nov 16, 2021

No worries, man. Its cool if ya say whatever comes to mind. I know I do. May the week treat ya well.

AdolfThiccler Nov 15, 2021

the site honestly doesnt even care what people use as their profile i found someone with the profile pic of them stroking their cock and it hasnt been taken down so they clearly show they dont care what people do

XxPotatoOtakuxx Nov 13, 2021

Thank you for following me! I hope you have/are having a nice day/night. Lol, congrats on turning 100 years old.

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