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I'm from Italy.

I'm a guy who discovered - after many maaaany years - he likes shoujo.

I don't know who I'm good at (nothing, I suppose).

I'd like to do many things.. change many things..  but I don't ('cause I can't). 

I'd like to make acquaintances but I'm not good at it, either.

I'm not into social networks.. for the afore-mentioned reason.

I have recently created a youtube channel where I would like to......    but ..  ... . .. 

on youtube -> Kryx Anime - クリスアニメ

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Saeryen Jan 6, 2022

I am good!

I hope you're okay. I hope you had good holiday and New Year's.

Saeryen Dec 8, 2021

Have you been watching Waccha PriMagi? It's on HiDive, in case you didn't know.

Saeryen Dec 8, 2021

Awww, thank you for everything you said! It's nice to see you.

LUCIIIII Aug 30, 2021

Hiii Kryx!! Sorry for my late response too!! I was just getting a break from anime planet too, since it become a little to ovewhelming for me <33

I am doing just fine! Thank you sm, I hope you are doing fine too! ^^

I am drinking less (hot tea) now too!  Actually te quite a lot of ice cream and dranks lots of sodas hahahah

Have a nice day/night!:)

Pin on aesthetic

Saeryen Jul 30, 2021

I’m glad you’re doing better. And thanks for the birthday greeting!