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Studio Feel’s 2016 slice-of-school-life adopts a familiar pattern following the comic relationship between three High School friends. The twist this time is that they are all very different. They go by the nicknames “Galko” (the gyaru girl), Otako (the otaku girl) and “Ojou” (the airheaded rich girl). Each episode of this gem is only eight minutes long in which they pack in all kinds of chit-chatty adventures between the four walls of homeroom. They occasionally venture out shopping or swimming but mostly the story is confined to school. There are a number of supporting characters mostly culled from their immediate classmates – a mixture of boys and girls – all of whom are fully fleshed out characters complete with backstories and episodes in which we follow their personal thoughts on the issues raised by the three main characters. The flavour of the story revolves heavily around the discussion of playground myths, rumours and rights-of-passage mysteries. Hence there are some frank, detailed yet light-hearted discussions about sex, genitals, menstruation, contraception, underwear and body parts that is quite unusual in anime. In some ways it is quite refreshing to see something so entertaining being derived from exactly the sort of gritty conversations that young adults are very likely to be having.

Despite how it sounds the conversations remain humorous rather than vulgar so there is little to be offended about. The girls are all great with most attention swinging around the character of Galko. Despite looking like a typical gyaru girl we swiftly learn that she is not quite the stereotype that she might seem. Breaking out of the mould, of who-we-seem-to, be is one dominant theme of the show and tackled head-on in episode twelve so it is worth sticking with it. Otako is a little insecure in that her best friend is a gyaru girl yet Galko is so cheerful, friendly and happy-go-lucky that she cares not for whatever stereotypes society has intended for herself or her friends. The friends are often self-conscious about their appearance and other insecurities which are all handled with charm and tenderness despite the comic turn each topic has. The show is culled from the manga by Kenya Suzuki which started life being published via twitter. Sadly, the author had a run in with the law which saw him in prison starting a sentence in 2022. There is little to be critical of in this show. It delivers exactly what it should and is an easy-watch. Tuning in to “Please tell me! Galko-chan” will be a rewarding experience for any anime fan. Enjoy.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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