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A-1 Pictures unwatchable adventure drivel hit our screens in 2014 with a tale of ghosts and objects with magical powers. It’s a visual mish-mash of “A Certain Scientific Railgun” (J.C.Staff 2009), “The Asterisk War” (also A1 Pictures 2016) and the whole Indiana Jones/ Tomb Raider kinda thing. The trouble is that it isn’t nearly as good as any of these anime and genres. It looks like one of those overly-complicated stories written by a committee that has thrown various genre elements in an attempt to win the largest possible audience. The problem being is that it is incomprehensible gibberish. We couldn’t even start to explain the plot to you. We didn’t understand what was going on most of the time. The cast seems almost endless and the premise of the story utterly implausible. Somehow we are meant to believe that this massive man-made island was constructed in the Pacific Ocean just so kids could go to school there? Why? Such a project would of course take generation to build and cost the domestic product of hundreds of small nations combined. But, no, apparently it was all thrown together by a few clever teenagers with money they raised by selling off treasure raided from archaeological sites. You can see why we have a problem with this. It is tosh. No thought has been put into making this even slightly believable. It is a wild and silly fantasy in the manner of Scooby-Doo but in no way fantastic.

Main character Juugo Yama appears to have been expelled from his mafia family so goes to school on the island. He rents an apartment which has a ghost – a pretty girl called Nanana Ruugajou. The ghost cannot leave the apartment and, unusually for a ghost, she seems to eat endless quantities of sugary desserts. Nanana was murdered in that apartment and cannot leave until her murderer is caught. Nanana was one of the original team of genius teens who funded and built the island. Many of the magical treasures that Nanana stole are hidden around the island behind an arsenal of fiendish and deadly traps. Juugo sets out to find the treasure and (maybe) help set Nanana free at the same time. To explain any more of this plot would be a complete waste of everyone’s time and energy. It is horribly complicated with a new character or plot-line appearing every few minutes to confuse you. The anime reaches no conclusion staggering to an end after even episodes. Hopefully somebody took it out back and put it out of its misery. Truly dreadful. A saga only fit for die-hard fans of the light novels.

2/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
6/10 characters
5/10 overall
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