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One of three OVA episodes that Studio Deen generated in 2012 to go with the main show. This one follows directly on from episode twelve of season one but is largely a recap on the story as narrated by the cat Babu. Zombie girl Rea is having the time of her death now that she is free of her father and has decided to go back to school. Chihiro is anxious about this as he is concerned that such exertion would accelerate her decomposition. However, he is reconciled to the fact that she has missed out on a regular childhood and she wants to spend what time she has left as a normal girl. These things bear down heavily upon them but both face up to the gravity of their choices with stoicism and charm. Meanwhile little Babu strikes up a friendship with a living girl cat but is melancholy about the fact that he will slowly lose his mind. To illustrate this, he nearly forgets himself and moves into bite his kitty girlfriend before coming to his senses. This episode reflects the end of season one when Rea enters a trance and launches herself onto Chihiro for a kiss and bites his lip, drawing blood. This OVA ends with the introduction of a new character – a scientist arriving from overseas to study what happens to zombies when they enter a phase in which they are driven to eat the people they care for. Sadly, this was as far as the anime goes as nothing further was committed to animation. There were two further OVAs but neither added anything to the plot leaving the audience wanting more. If you want to know what happens to the Chihiro/Rea/Ranko love triangle we guess you will just have to go and buy the manga. The lack of a season two left a sad hole in the anime universe. This show had so much more mileage in it than this.

5/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
7/10 overall
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