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Joshi Kausei

Jan 14, 2022

Studio Seven brought “Joshi Kausei” to our screens in 2019 from the comedy manga by Ken Wakai. Episodes are just 3 minutes long whilst the one (and only) season lasted just 12 episodes. Each is self-contained as the story has no overall arc. It tells of the adventures of three school girls relayed free of any dialogue. This is visual humour, however, is not silent as the voice cast get to giggle their way through each show. The humour is irreverent and occasionally pretty silly. The three characters are quite distinctive: Momoko Futo is care-free, pretty, kind but a bit air-headed. Shibumi Shibusawa is smart, serious and strait-laced. Mayumi Furui is the new girl, short and caring. Unlike similar shows we do get to explore a little of the backstory of how the girls became friends as well as events that happened in junior school. Other than this, the stories are relatively straight-forward slice of life. The girls draw pictures of steamed up windows, shelter from the rain or ride on trains. It is all quite simple but delightfully so. It doesn’t need to be sophisticated as it doesn’t have time to. Yet is exudes charm and wit easily. One highlight is the episode when the girls come across an abandoned skateboard on the way home from school. Each get to have a go on it with the manner of riding reflecting each girl’s personality. Momoko rides with confidence, Shibumi won’t get on unless her friends join her whilst little Mayumi is scared and lies flat whilst Momoko pushes her. The episode closes with  Momoko leaving a small jar filled with a couple of flowers on the skateboard. Well written, wonderful and joyous.

10/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
10/10 characters
8/10 overall
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