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Season two of C-Station’s popular teenage-girls-go-camping show kicked off in 2021 where season one left off: in the New Year period. It follows the adventures of our intrepid young ladies through to the Spring (skipping obvious academic hurdles like final exams). Much that was written for season one applies here too. It’s adorable and cute but largely lacks much in the way of story. However, it does gently move the narrative on a little concentrating on back-story and a bit more drama. Camping high in the mountains of Japan in mid-winter is obviously not something the inexperienced should take lightly. Three of the girls do run into problems by not properly planning an overnight stay in freezing conditions. Thankfully they were never in any real danger as their friends, teacher and fellow campers rallied round to help them. Lesson learnt; we move on. The cast widens slightly with more interaction with other campers and non-camping friends. We get to see a bit more of Rin’s grandfather and parents who we learn were all bikers back in their day. Nadeshiko decides to go on her first solo camping trip earning the concern of her sister and Rin when she drops out of cell-phone range. Yet it works out well with Rin and Sakura trying hard to hide the fact that they had both turned up at the camp site to check on her wellbeing. The final four episodes focus on the season finale – a trip for all the girls (plus one younger sister and sensei) to the Izu region.

Crunchyroll is currently (Winter 2021) streaming five short-episode, live action, documentaries hosted by Yumiri Hanamori, the voice of Nadeshiko. She gets to go solo-camping in the shadow of Mount Fuji after a briefing and shopping session with an expert. She giggles her way through it and the exercise looks pretty unconvincing. It is doubtful she actually stayed the night as she didn’t even have a sleeping bag or ground sheet.  It might have been nice to have had a bit of a tour of some of the sites seen in the anime (now that the audience has been force fed their beauty over two seasons of the show). Maybe next time. Season two of the anime remains more of a travelogue and tourist information film than coming-of-age drama. A bit of romance might have been a nice touch. They are teenage girls in a world where boys exist afterall…. Yet it remains eminently watchable with little in the way of any tangible criticisms. It is what it is: a very gentle slice of Iyashikei designed to send you to bed at ease that all is well with the world. Wholesome to the max. We loved it. But it doesn’t get the pulse racing.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall

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