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I saw this in theaters in Japan.

So firstly definitely recommend seeing it in theaters. The screen really does it justice. THEIR EYEBALLS ARE BEAUTIFUL.

If you're going to watch it in Japanese (which is totally doable as a non-Japanese speaker myself) I recommend reading manga chapters 54-66 (chapter 69 is where I think it should've ended but *shrug*). It is identical to this. This'll let you skip the subtitle-wait if you so choose. 

So the artwork of the characters are beautiful, but some of the CGI + 2D animation style was a little funky. It gave an uncanny valley feeling due to the realism background, CGI demon-y stuff and the style of the original art for the characters. Literally, my only problem. The 2D character designs are stunnnnniiinnnnggg. I'm so happy with that the choreography and movement, but jeez that CGI and even sometimes the background clash. 

Sound track is on point. I became hyper aware of the soundtrack during perfectly executed moments with certain character buildups. 

Comic relief was perfect and the characters were true to form.

If you like the anime you'll like the movie. Easy as that.

I'm super happy I saw it in general, but especially on a big screen. 

PS If you're not reading the manga but want to continue watching the next anime season, this is a must-watch movie. It's not a filler movie you can ignore, it has influence over the next season. So add it to the list.

10/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall

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matrixen Feb 17, 2021

really good review!