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iiRuru Oct 8, 2015

I like most genre's to be honest, I don't exactly have a favourite. I think I did mention that my least favourite is Horror, I'm not into gore much, haha. I realise I've watched a lot of School Life anime, and some action anime too.

Are you planning on watching any of the new anime releases this Autumn?

iiRuru Oct 7, 2015

I haven't watched Princess Tutu, I've been considering watching it for a while but I've never found the time. It's true I have a large list of anime I want to watch, including Guilty Crown that you mentioned. :)

Do you have a favourite anime genre?

iiRuru Oct 6, 2015

Fairy Tail is definitely worth watching, and I know it has a lot of episodes, but it's a really enjoyable anime. The reasons are because it's hilarious, exciting and quite emotional at times. The anime isn't very boring and doesn't waste time, there is a lot of action and adventure, so basically it's really fun to watch when you have the time. :)

I also prefer the Sailor Moon manga than the anime, and I agree that her character is much more enjoyable because she's cheerful in the manga, whereas in the anime she's a little stubborn and quite annoying at times.

I stopped watching Tokyo Mew Mew after a few episodes, it wasn't really the type of anime I enjoy, I probably won't be reading the manga either. I absolutely love Ouran HighSchool Host Club, it's also one of my favourites, including another anime I love which is Vampire Knight. Have you watched that? :)

iiRuru Oct 6, 2015

Inuyasha was also my first anime, because of it I became an otaku and I always will be.

Hmm, well I used to think my current favourite was 'Mekakucity Actors', but ever since, I've watched a different variety of anime and I like a lot of them, so it's hard to choose. Some of my favourites are Fairy Tail, Death Note & Attack On Titan.

I like to watch different genres of anime, I don't really have a favourite type of anime, although one my least favourite would have to be horror.

I haven't read a lot of manga, but the manga I have read are Inuyasha and Hatsune Miku Mix. I'm currently reading Seraph Of The End, Sailor Moon, Fairy Tail and some ongoing manga.

What manga do you read? And sorry if I've already asked that question, I don't remember if I did.

Ryokyn Oct 4, 2015

Hiya, sorry for the way late reply. I haven't been able to get on because of rl >.<