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I have watched anime for a long while now after some friends had told me to try it. However, a few years ago I had stopped suddenly. I still do not remember the exact reason why.

Recently, I began to pick up anime again after a three-year pause.

My favorite genres are action, thriller and psychological, but feel free to recommend me any anime from any genre.

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Favorite Anime:






Other anime that I like (in no specific order):


Demon Slayer




Banana Fish


Wonder Egg Priority





Both my anime and manga lists are not up to date because I do not remember all the ones I have seen. 

(bio still in progress)

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XxGalaxyGirlxX May 29, 2021

Hello. How have you been? ^_^

Watching/reading anything good, lately?

Venuette May 26, 2021

Thank you so much for giving me follow back!

Feel free to leave a comment on my profile whenever you like. :)

Btw, are you still looking for anime recommendations? If yes, I believe I could help.

Loveanime2211 May 20, 2021

Hi! Thanks for the follow I followed back :)

feel free to chat anytime! 
Have a good day/night

sweetlys May 18, 2021

Hello! Thanks for the follow.

Let me know if you ever want to chat! Have a great day/night! ♡

CrimsonDemon13 May 18, 2021

Well so far I really like season 2 (I'm on episode 4 right now). This new antagonist looks kinda interesting too. I really like Tsunemori at this point. At first, in season 1, I didn't really liked her but now she is so much stronger and dependable. Also like her voice actor (she is also a voice actor for Ichika from TQQ).

Thanks for this watching order, I was a bit confused because of all of this movies and staff but now I know how it goes :3

And about TQQ, yea it's getting a movie instead of season 3 to adapat the final chapters of the manga. Some people didn't like the ending of the manga, but i really liked it. I think it was a good decision to go with movie instead, but we will see how they are going to adapt it.