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Space Brothers

Oct 18, 2020

Space Brothers - Is a feel good show about a guy’s road to becoming an astronaut. The show ends with a powerful message: Have courage to make your future.

Space Brothers is the perfect human drama that reminds you of that gut positive feeling you have when your heart is set on pursuing a dream, the wonders of being part of a great team who share the same goal. If you ever feel like you’ve forgotten your purpose in life, this show is for you.

Details behind the story:

- The show doesn’t take character development too seriously? What the hell are you saying? -

I can say without reserve that when it comes to the depiction of people dynamics, this show does it the best, and it does it very seriously. Explainable using the FFS theory about people dynamics, the show tells you how group activities are affected by the dynamic interaction between different types of individuals, and that ultimately, success in group activities is determined by how much awareness you have about the individuals you are working with, your role in the group, and the actions you can take to effectively involve your team in facing a shared goal. All of this is exhibited in the NASA training sessions and Mutta’s relationship with other characters.

Mutta is fortunate because he is surrounded by types of people who could maximize the potential of him reaching his goal. This is evident in his relationship with Hibito, his brother. Hibito is the exact opposite of Mutta when it comes to making decisions. In contrast to Hibito who is the spontaneous decision-maker who tries to solves things along the way, Mutta is the over-thinker whose attempt to troubleshoot before taking any action results in him giving up on taking any actions at all. Mutta’s step to becoming an astronaut is triggered by Hibito’s influence, as, Hibito by becoming an astronaut himself paved the way. The additional push by his mother (who is a 'doer' like Hibito) was essential for an overthinker like Mutta. Otherwise, he would never have applied for the NASA examination.

I honestly don’t think that it necessarily takes any overt internal suffering or any heavy exposition on anyone’s part in order for a person to experience a turning point in their life. Mutta came to it both in his own way and with the work of group dynamics: through observation of himself and his brother (which is natural for an analytical type of person like Mutta) and with some spontaneous push from a “doer” type of individuals like Hibito and his mother. 

The way the story ends:

I understand the complaints on how the story ends abruptly without making certain whether Hibito would return to NASA or Mutta would go to the Moon. At this point of the story though, the message is actually very clear. Hibito would continue fighting to make it back to the moon (even without the help of NASA) as long as he wills it. This is obvious because we know that Hibito has a knack for taking actions first and solving things along the way, and his return to Russia is his first step to making it back to the moon. Mutta knows this all too well, which is why his only concern at the end of the story is himself. We also know that Mutta is the steady one, so as long as he doesn’t give up on his dream, he will make it to the moon very steadily.

That is why, in my opinion, it doesn’t make sense to show the end result of the story nor its process because we already know at this point what kind of individuals these two characters are and the characteristics they would bring to the process of overcoming problems. 


If you’re bothered by the amount of recaps, simply skip the recaps. I don’t see any reason to take points from this show just for its recaps. It’s not like you’re watching it live on TV, right? And if you feel like enough things aren’t happening in the story to keep your attention, drop it. It’s pretty clear that you won’t enjoy the show unless you enjoy the character dynamics going on at the back. Otherwise you’re missing out on a brilliantly wholesome show.

10/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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