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Heesu in Class 2

Jan 15, 2022

I can't stress how damn cute this is. This manhwa is full of fluff and purely adorable. It's a typical high-school setting, but an unusual rumor concerning Heesu's in Class 2 about him giving a great love advice about relationship problems begins his journey as the protagonist of his own story. I had a lot of fun following Heesu's day-to-day activities. I absolutely adore Lily-nim's narrative composition of the story since it illustrates Heesu's development from a minor character in Chanyeong's story to a person who can influence someone's life. Heesu has seen in the past that he doesn't mind standing in the shadows or listening to Chanyeong, his first love, talk about his worries. However, as the story progresses, we can see how he meets new friends, has his own love story, and finds someone who would listen to him, in contrast to being a passive "listener" before.

Seungwon and Heesu's relationship perfectly illustrates a healthy relationship characterized by open and honest communication and genuine concern for one another. Although it is a slow-burning romance, I found the pacing to be much more enjoyable. I love how Seungwon played a part in Heesu's growth. His matchmaking excuse to approach Heesu came at the right timing. He really helps him come out of his shell and speak up for himself rather than simply listening to everything Chanyeong has to say. The warmth I feel every time he shows that he's also a good listener to Heesu's babble. I especially love how it encourages Heesu to be more open and approachable. Oh, and the way he looks at Heesu instantly gives me butterflies. I'm really grateful that they both come from loving and supportive families. I like seeing how completely different the two households are, but I suppose it complements Seungwon's open-mindedness and sensitivity, as he was raised by two beautiful mothers. On the other hand, Heesu is a kind and cheerful young man from a large and lovely family.

I fell in love with Lily-nim's art style right away. It's soft and warm, and the color palette is sweet and summery. I think the colors are vibrant and well-balanced. Even the supporting characters are endearing! Furthermore, their friendship is utterly pure. I love seeing them having a good time together. Chanyeong and Jiyu's chemistry is great too. I wonder if they end up together. However, it was refreshing to see both of them determined to help Seungwon and Heesu get together, as well as their cute interactions.

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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