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liath153 Sep 5, 2016

Oh ok I understand you then i try join to your WECO. Greet you and sorry for misunderstanding.

liath153 Sep 5, 2016

Yeah you are right maybe but in my opinion everyone can welcome people and whats is wrong when more than one person welcome someone? I see many profils where so much people greet one user then its not prohibitet right? Its nice gesture. I mean no offence. (Sorry for my English) I greet you!

liath153 Sep 5, 2016

Hello. Did I do something wrong? I just welcome people... Can't I do this?

vsnipes Sep 4, 2016

Thank you I appreciate the welcome.

Aidman52 Sep 2, 2016

Hello, and thank you for the warm welcome! I see you're a fan of... Black haired woman...? Okay...