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Sianeka Nov 29, 2016

Hi - I’ve  noticed that you haven’t been doing your WECO assignments, and haven’t been able to leave welcomes for the new members assigned to you recently. I’m concerned: I hope you are well, and that there isn’t something serious causing you to miss doing them.  I have been covering for you, and doing your missing greetings for you, but I can get the help of the whole group when I know in advance who will be doing greetings and who will not.  I can allot my time better when I am prepared to do extra greetings, rather than finding out that they weren’t done and that I will be needing to do them at the last minute.  I hope that nothing has happened to you and that you are ok.

Perhaps you need to take a break or need some time off or reduced assignments or fewer days?  I will be happy to work out a new schedule for you; something that will work for both of us. Or give you some extra time, until you feel ready to come back again. Just let me know what you want or what you will need.

Please get back to me to let me know you are well. I have put you on hiatus (no assignments) until I hear back from you and we work something out.

PotetoGirl Oct 20, 2016

Thank you for the walcome, sorry for not respondig 

CheshireCatGirl Oct 8, 2016

Thank You! and I will!!!

Zed Oct 6, 2016

hola and thx! its nice to see people welcome new comers to this site, i'll be looking forward to dealing with you <3