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urushiba Apr 11, 2022

Thank you so much!! :)

Love the Kirby pfp too btw, I used to love that game as a kid.

urushiba Mar 29, 2022

I love your evangelion banner haha

Tsukushi Mar 10, 2022

Hi thanks for the follow.

OsumarefromMAL Feb 19, 2022

You know, I find it interesting that you claim people always liked Sena over Yozora, when I watched the anime when it came out I remember people constantly commenting that Sena was a Mary Sue and unlikeable, and that she was a character that's only liked for her chest.

People where I watched the series said they preferred Yozora and saw Yozora as more likeable, realistic, and better developed. Then again, I only watched the first season and watched it on some niche site, so I guess that maybe it was just certain areas of where the show was watched that had that opinion I said on Sena's page.

Interest Feb 17, 2022

Awww thx for the follow!