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Austindrake Jun 15, 2021

i prob responded to u by saying sakura is not shit bc she can heal :P

kanekistoenail May 14, 2021

oh ok i understand now sorry if the way i responded sounded rude i'm really nice i promise its just the way you said it made me think differently at first but now that i've reread it i get it now yea she made me mad too sometimes in my opinion i can see why she is hated but based on all the characters i know in total i just think some people over exaggerate when they she's the "absolute worst in history" that's all tho if they do believe that its totally fine by me since thats their opinion i was just stating my opinion on that debate 

kanekistoenail May 14, 2021

can i have my opinion pass back now?

kanekistoenail May 14, 2021

i agree they are very interesting and well written antagonists i usually like antagonists but just because i do does not mean i have to like every single one out there and like i said i don't like or hate sakura just because i don't hate her does not mean i like her and usefulness has nothing to do with what i said i'm talking about actions, anyway those were just examples of people i think have done worse because people use her past actions as an excuse to hate on her like yes i do believe that what she said about naruto not having parents was absolutely messed up like i remember wanting to throw my phone during that scene but i heard shes now developed in boruto and has become useful which is what matters most whereas the examples i have mentioned have done even worse compared to what she did have not changed too much you want an example of a bad major character with no development fine here's makoto itou from school days and rachel from tower of god (according to reddit she's a major character despite the things she has done)