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Gakuen Heaven

Jan 8, 2022

I enjoyed watching it, well I watch it more the once to the point where I would remembered the theme song and had it playing in my hed for a couple of days which sounds extreme. Like I said I did enjoy watching it but why did it take so long for Endo and Keita to hook up. Im pretty sure that they loved each other dearly and would do anything for each other like that time when Endo stopped Matsuoka from killing Keita by grabbing the knife but seriously, that took way to long. I didn't like the way it ended before and why the hell was Keita always questioning himself like my dude if theres something you want then take it. And Endo it was so clear that you loved Keita so my dude why didn't you just tell him at the start since you were the one that gave him the approval to attend the school then why did you hide your identity when you could've told him because no one would've cared and you could've confessed to him at the start which would've made life at the school a lot more simpler for the both of them and wouldn't have to be walking around acting all jealous. Now of course this isn't something that could've happened but I'm just telling you what I would've done. Still like the anime but most of the things in there were stupid and them dudes need to back off of Keita he's taken his preicious childhood friend Endo has already mark his territory so they need to back off. Loved it but it was stupid.  

6/10 story
5/10 animation
4/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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