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This is yet another Anime with an interesting premise and a promising pilot episode that progressively devolves into nonsense and aimless pseudo-plot until ultimately ending with a dissatisfying non-resolution. This one carries the added annoyance factor that everything in it seems to be some contrived 'life lesson' about loving your mother despite seeming to do everything in its power to make you hate the mother characters.

Story: A mother and son are pulled into a beta test of a virtual game world under the pretense that it will strengthen relationships between mothers and their children. The MC has aspiring hopes of becoming a renowned hero, but said hopes are immediately dashed when, at the 'character creation'-like portion of the game, he is granted mediocre powers, whereas his mother is granted near-omnipotence. It's a cute sequence that leads the viewer to hoping that perhaps there will be some level of relationship-building involved and that the MC will eventually gain his Hero status with the help of his mother, but unfortunately the story takes a sharp turn into preachy life-lesson territory. Every single plot that they partake in after their initial introduction to the game world ends up revolving around some other mother-child relationship that's even worse than theirs, and they overcome these problems through some plot BS that barely makes any sense. No heroics, no fanfare, no genuine adventure - just relationship issues presented through the guise of adventure tropes. Even worse is that generally as soon as the other family's relationship is "healed", the mom logs out immediately and the child stays in the game world, rendering the resolution meaningless and hollow.

Animation: Pretty good, actually. Nothing to complain about here - everything flows properly and is pleasing to the eye.

Sound: Similar to the animation, everything is completely satisfactory and moderately above-par. That said, none of the OST is memorable in any way. Other than the opening sequence you could play an OST song for me and I probably wouldn't even recognize it.

Characters: Just as poorly written as the story itself. The MC's mother is an airheaded idiot who at times seems like she might redeem herself through sheer kindness and well-meaning, but ultimately stays firmly in the realm of frustratingly simple-minded. The MC himself constantly complains about everything even when they actually go to genuinely adventurous places, and even after he manages to build up some kind of Harem he distances himself from them constantly out of spite. You have a textbook-average Tsundere character in the form of Wise the spellcaster. You have the stereotypical "beautiful girl who seems nice on the surface but is actually edgy and mean". The only redeemable character in it is Porta, the adorable and spunky item-carrier girl, who was lucky enough to be given an underage role so there was no chance at her becoming anything but the bubbly mascot.

Overall: The premise sounded great, and the pilot episode pulled me in with promises of adventure and grandeur with undertones of humorous mother-son relationship struggles. It then proceeded to crap all over my expectations by making the characters never grow, and by making everything out to be some kind of moral-of-the-story BS that doesn't even make any sense by the world's own standards.

2/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
2/10 characters
4/10 overall
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