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hi im tim i love watchin anime and playin video games.

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animeGirll Nov 23, 2008

its kinda cool, I guess.

HammerHead7 Nov 19, 2008

np, oh there's this manga that im currently reading on there it's called Psyren you might want to check it out if you like psychics and stuff like that its pretty cool.

theres also this anime you should check out its called Kiba you might like that also but that has more to do with summoning monsters i think i already recommended it to your sister lol

HammerHead7 Nov 19, 2008

Hi, i talk with your sister alot then i saw your comment on her profile and decided to check out what kinda of anime you like. Blue Gender rocks btw lol anyways when i saw that you might start reading manga i thought i should mention this site

its completely free and has a pretty decent selection to choose from. sorry for being so random im like that though lol

SephKillaaaaaa Mar 27, 2008