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worst anime I've ever watched like there were so many plot wholes and things that were never explained. They tried to do that mysterious background thing, but with such an elaborate plot it just made things more confusing. Also, it was really vulgar with up in your face beheading and cutting people in half. Personally I don't care how much killing there is, it's just there was an unnecessary amount to the point it would make you uncomfortable. The show was so stupid I couldn't really remember any name except for the love of everybody's life,kuchii. Who's name was literally pronounced coochie. I don't mean to make fun of names I just felt their choice was questionable. 

Then there was the whole traitors subplot we went down where they undermined a characters development to throw in a half assed betrayal plot. So he wasn't for betraying them, but then he was for it and suddenly kills not only the person who brought up becoming a traitor but also the woman that walked in on him killing the first person, she WASNT even gonna say anything bad about him either to the clan. 
I don't know much about the samurai era but I don't think there were guns involved during that time? Correct me if I'm wrong, though.

Finally the animation was what made me wanna stop watching(I didn't though, stayed strong till the last episode where I skipped through it). The background seemed as though it was on top of the characters? Any time the screen panned it was as if there was a crumpled piece of paper on top of the entire screen. Then how the killing scenes never made sense, like they were full on cutting mofos in half with itty bitty swords as if it was nothing and I wouldn't have minded it if it wasn't for the fact that this show had NOTHING to do with supernatural strength. Sure the main character was OP asf but I feel like that's a given when watching the action genre. So, when kuchii started full on CUTTING PEOPLE IN HALF I was confused. Like half y'all ever heard of a skeleton? Because this show DEFINITELY has not. There were also a lot of things that could be fixed if the artists put themselves in the situation and calculated how the sword would stick out, how the blood would pool, etc.

Watch the show if you want, just think about how shitty the animation is for a show made in 2018. There's better shows you could watch that have more than 12 episodes.

5.7/10 story
3/10 animation
3/10 sound
5/10 characters
4/10 overall
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