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NingenJanai Dec 20, 2020

That's to bad bad. Allow me to suggest you some great romance shows I've enjoyed. monogatari series is the best series I've ever watched. Start with bakemonogatari and continue in airing order. very underrated but also very good. One of the most realistic romance anime. Took me back in time lol also very good. Make sure to watch the ovas for complete ending.

Here are some movies. You probably watched most of them if not all but still

If you want to see the full list of all the romance animes I've watched ranked and with short reviews then here's the link

NingenJanai Dec 11, 2020

btw. you said you dabble in romance animes. mind recommending me your favorites? i'll be really grateful. i ran out of good romance animes. if you can't that's okay too

NingenJanai Dec 11, 2020

thanks for your kind words

O13 Nov 24, 2020

Thanks sis 😭😭💕💕