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chikoritaBH Oct 16, 2012

Then you can gimme a small review of trinity soul... xD

chikoritaBH Oct 16, 2012

But I watched the TV series of Persona 4 already... :D

I have to watch the movie and Trinity soul. :D

chikoritaBH Oct 15, 2012

I thought you already saw tho whole season. xD never mind... I have the Persona 4 movie on my disk for a long time... :D I should watch it as soon as possible... :D

chikoritaBH Oct 11, 2012

Hmm... how to start a conversation... xD Well... How are you? Why is Persona 4 your fav anime? etc... xD

chikoritaBH Sep 25, 2012

Thanks for adding me as a friend, Kazumi. :D ^^