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JB57551 Oct 9, 2021

Saori Hayami for the Japanese

Justin Briner for the English Dub

Otaku108 Nov 29, 2014

Maji was fun but got a little weird towards the end (ending felt rushed/patched together), Log Horizon (which I recently wrote a review for) was definitely akin to Sword Art Online but has it's own merits, Kotoura-san was very cute if you like that sort of thing (I happen to enjoy them).

Looking at it I see that you've already watched and enjoyed Log Horizon, you'd probably get a lot of enjoyment out of SAO since it's got both seasons out now. If you haven't tried it already certainly worth it once.

There's a few others out of the 2013 and 2014 shows but none worth mentioning in my opinion. Still tons I haven't really gotten around to watching yet, and a lot I'll skip for personal taste reasons.

Let me know if there's something you saw that you really enjoyed and isn't on my list, I'm never above taking recs :)



Otaku108 Nov 29, 2014

First off, thx for the great comment on my review of "Legend of the Legendary Warriors", most appreciated. Next, yes I have to agree, especially after watching it a 2nd time (recently), this single season stand alone is actually quite good, at least better than a 7 I originally scored. That being said, I still have my own particular tastes and I try to state that as often as possible throughout my various reviews. I just happen to enjoy a story that has a definite end or at least the major plot points tied up in a neat little bow for me come end episode. I do in fact still enjoy those various shows that don't have definite endings it's just I enjoy them more if it does.

Either way, probably the first time I've ever changed my score on a review thx to a reader comment. :P