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  Kyaho~ stranger who somehow ended up here, it is very nice to meet you! :)

Sadly, my list here still looks quite vacant, though I’ve been watching anime and reading manga for many years and have seen and read quite a lot. However, I’m currently in the process of rewatching/reading a lot of things. My tastes have changed as I grew older and I feel like now is a good time for a revisit.

I’ll pretty much watch anything no matter the genre but I usually love stuff that is kinda on the weirder and darker side. Needless to say I am a huge fan of the horror genre. I also really enjoy cyperpunk and sci-fi anime. Anything with robots or cyborgs is always good. Usually I watch more retro anime – not because I think they are necessarily superior, I just like the art-style more.




I find it always hard to say what my favorite show is, but over the years there are a few franchises that have always remained very dear to me. 

                  If I had to choose a favorite, then the title of my favorite franchise would most likely go to Yu-Gi-Oh! I'm probaly far to invested in it, but hey, what can you do, I love the games, duels and all the cool and wacky monsters it brings to the table. I think many people only know the dubbed versions of the series which are very different from the original (invisible guns anyone?), so I really recommend giving the Japanese version a try if you haven't yet. I mean, look at this, this is just epic, even after so many years.  

Obiviously I've seen every Yu-Gi-Oh! series to date. My favorite is Vrains, closely followed by the original series.   



The second francise I have to mention is Gundam. As stated sci-fi, robots and mechas are kinda my thing so obviously I'd be into it. I've decided to rewatch the whole franchise, so that'll keep me busy for some time. My favorite Gundam series are Turn A Gundam, the first series and Unicorn, my favorite timeline is the Universal Century (because of course it is) and my favorite Mobile Suit is the Sinanju (also the only Gunpla I own)



Other than that, here are a few other series and franchises I like


                       Mononoke        Ghost in the shell        Mushishi             Durarara!            Cyborg 009            Saint Seiya         Zentsubou Sensei

 As for manga, my favorite gernes are horror and Seinen. I generally read far more content than I watch. By now I read manga mostly digitally, mainly since it far more convenient imo. I'm not much of a collector so if I order a physical copy of a series, then I really like it.

Here are a few of my favorite manga artists (from left to right: Taiyo Matsumoto (Takemitsuzamurai), Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira), Koji Kumeta (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei), Takehiko Inoe (Slam Dunk), Hiroyuki Takei (Shaman King))    




Regarding characters, my friends have described the type I tend to favor as ‘complicated pretty boy’. That is terribly accurate. Usually, I have a thing for the characters with a lot of pathos. While others probably sigh when it’s time for the dramatic backstory flashbacks, I welcome them. Can’t help it, usually the tragic figures just draw me in. Other than that I like characters that make me think, be it because of their worldview or because they are controversial. Like the great Oscar Wilde said, it is absurd to divide people into good and bad, they are either charming or tedious. 

The three characters I love the most are Izaya Orihara, Ryoken Kogami and Hao Asakura. Why I hear you not  asking? Well...

 I find Izaya to be an incredibly compelling and intriguing character. He is just so interesting and entertaining to watch. Totally get why many people might hate him, but equally why he is as popular as he is. 

He's just a magnificent, eccentric bastard and I love him for it.            


 As for Revoler / Ryoken Kogami, thank you Konami for creating a character who is pretty much the embodiment of everything I usually go for. Dramatic backstory? Check. Redemption Arc? Check. Theatrical speeches? Check. Rival to the main character? Of course. Okay, that's not all, but I think you get the idea. Plus he uses dragons that are also guns, which is terribly stupid and yet incredibly epic ;)

Also he is really pretty, it's ridiculous. 


 Furthermore, since we're talking Yu-Gi-Oh! characters, I want to give a small honorable mention to Crow from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's who is my second favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! character. He does not deserve some of the bad rep he gets. Still remember my Blackwing-deck fondly. Buy Blackwings!  


 Third is Asakura Hao from Shaman King. Shaman King will forever be one of my favorite manga and Hao is a big reason why. He is the first character I ever was a real fan of and I still love him dearly. It was beacuse of him that I got truly interested in Japan and its history. He is so strong and yet very tragic, so everything a good villian needs.


Goes without saying that there are more characters I love beside these three. 


                                           Itoshiki Nozomu       Suzugamori Ren        Hakutaku        Rokudo Mukuro          Aries Mu          Ginko


 Other than that here are a few random facts about me

✩ More than anime / manga I’m an avid reader and I am quite passionate about literature. So, I’m always glad to talk about books. If you want to know what I’m reading you can also check out my profile on Goodreads   

✩ I listen to a lot of music and listen to pretty much every genre. The only genre I can’t really stand is Schlager.

✩ My favorite movie directors are Pedro Almodovar and Akira Kurosawa. 

✩ I like to play video games from time to time and when I do I mostly play RPG's and platformers. My favorite game (if I had to choose) are probably Silent Hill 2 and 3. 

✩ My favorite Japanese animation studio is Studio Sunrise

✩ Still not sure if I really believe in it, but since a lot of people seem to be into MBTI etc., my type is ENTP - 7w8 (I'm a nice one I swear ;) ) 

And just like that you've reached the end. Thanks for reading, I hope you have a great day or night! Take it easy! I'll gladly follow you, just leave a small comment so I notice. Plus, I don't really see the point in following if we don't interact at all. 

I sincerly apologize for my late (and lack of) replies, life was and still is terribly busy and I was not really online here. 




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Aceso Apr 10, 2023

Hiiiiiiii! I'm mentally dying and feel like throwing my laptop threw window, but I'M FINE. Sorry, really, really sorry about late reply, but I had many things to do and now I have such awful lesson plan that twice a week for example I had lessons till 9 PM (some were remote) and once from 10 AM till 6PM, moreover I'm going to university with a train, which takes me an hour, so I kind of didn't have much time for everything else and I was pretty lazy
How about you? How are you doing?

Oh, I hope you got rid of the cold quickly. 
Polish is more awful, I know XD I wouldn't probably mind if my teachers were normal, I'm a person who learns thanks to the teach, not myself, so when I got an old granpa, who couldn't teach in middle school and then in highschool a middle aged woman with a moustache, I automatically disliked the language. But I love German movies, your horror, crime and thriller movies are just great and it's funny how your country get's involved with so many great movies, while there was almost no german people or none at all xD 
Yeahhh, I'm humorless to, maybe that's the reason. My humour is specific :') 

I really can't recall Polish sweets that are worth mentioning, we mostly have candies, literally in every shop you will find the same candies. People have some hype over 'Ptasie mleczko' aka BIRDS MILK, it's hillarious, however it's a marshmallow covered in chocolate. Poles also are fond of Gingerbread, no idea why, there is even one city, where is a 'FAMOUS' em, bakery??? I can call it a bakery if there produced gingerbread?? WHATEVER. LET'S SAY BAKERY, IM DUMB. I wanted to add some homemade sweets, because I think most Poles like the homemade ones and noticed that 'Faworki' / 'Chrust' in english is called ANGEL WINGS, while Poles called it in the name of the BRUSHWOOD. I'm getting more and more disappointed with us. 
I personally just eat crisps and butter cookies, I'm not fond of the chocolate and caramel, so automatically I don't eat most of our candies, unless I feel like it. 
How about you? Any favourites? 

Not my whole family (unfortunately, I would gladly pack everyone and send them abroad), because I have a really huge family. I would have to count how many sisters and brothers from my fathers side are there... But I think 4 sisters and 3 brothers are there? Half of them permamently for sure. From my mother's side only her brother and her brother-in-law, but after my aunt's death I don't think he is gonna leave kids for too long, but at the same time I doubt he is gonna find a job in Poland, so... 

Still, I would prefer to make a tour around germany than go somewhere in Poland :') I feel like I'm complaining too much, I'm sorry xD 

I... welp, I started some unworthy webtoons, when I had time, so I don't have much to share. I should get back to mangas tho. But in the morning I promised myself to finish my webtoons in the reading list... I won't be surprised to start the next new title... BUT I finally started ENNEAD and I'm pretty disappointed with the fact that there rapes, but the story is interesting and I like the MC, moreover I never have read anything with Egypt Mythology, so it feels kind of fresh. Do you like mythology? I like Rome (obviously lol), Greek is similar, I kind like Nordic, but I'm not so familiar with it. 

I think it's all from me... I promise to respond sooner next time. Take care and cyaaa~! ^^

Neveresta Mar 27, 2023

Hey, not sure if you still remember me or not, but I meant to reply a lot sooner. School has been pretty tough this year and I've struggled with a few things, so now is when I'm replying. Sorry about that!

Yeah, honestly I still want to write a novel but I'm still hesitant because of college and if I'm able to. But there has been this idea that has been stuck in my head for almost a year, and I'm finally getting the urge to write again, after so long. I was thinking of maybe starting it in my free time, just jot down some notes that I find interesting or about the characters. Nervous if anyone would actually want to read it though. :')

If you ever do write a story as well, I would love to read it! I've been reading again for the first time in a while, and it's been exciting so far. The ideas man...yes sometimes we have farrrr too many all at once lol. I get a lot of inspiriation from my dreams too. Sometimes when I'm dreaming, I feel like it's such an epic story to write about, but when I wake up, I realize how weird it is once I realize it was just a dream. XD That hasn't stopped me from writing so many ideas in the past tho.

How have you been lately? Last time you wrote you said you were planning on going on a trip. Did you actually end up going? And how is college going for you now? I really hope that you aren't stressed and that you are doing okay. < I thought about how you were doing the past few months. Again, so sorry that I took so long to reply. Also, I never mind long messages. I actually like them. So don't be worried about writing a lot. :)

What have you been doing recently?

gqu33n Mar 19, 2023

Oh my gosh, no worries! And I'm so sorry! I hope you and your family are doing ok - I wish you all the best <3

I've been quite busy studying but otherwise good. Thank you for asking :)

MadamOtaku Mar 11, 2023

Don't ever worry about a late reply. We're all busy doing our things and living life. Somtimes it's hard to sit down and write. Thus is why I've taken a month to reply as well. 😩 Sorry. I've been doing spring cleaning inside and out for the last two weeks. The weather has been unseasonably warm, so I wanted to clean up the yard, garden, and around the barns while I have the time before things get really busy around here.  

Sorry to hear about your family member's diagnosis. My heart goes out to you. I'll pray for them to beat it. My boss's wife was diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago. She's in remission now.  

Hang in there. ❤

AquamarineGem Feb 20, 2023

Hey. Hope you're doing well kasasagi. 

No worries about the late response. I been pretty busy with work myself. So I've been taking a break from the Anime Bingo challenge, and online chats for a while. I do hope your relative feels better soon, and recovers from cancer. I've been pretty sickly these past few years. I recently went to the hospital to get a liver biopsy.  The wait times at the hospital were horrendous. I went there at 8:30 AM and couldn't leave until past 3 PM.  I got diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and auto-immune hepatitus. 

For me, the liver has no nerve cells so it can't feel pain. But the doctor told me to lose weight to help recover from NASH (fatty liver disease). So hopefully, I can work out a weight loss routine that works, and recover from fatty liver disease.

I understand that it can be frustrating to have sick relatives. I really hope everything goes well for you and your family. I'm just wishing to recover from my health problems right now. Hope everything gets better for you and your family.