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Janah1 Sep 2, 2021

Very much agree with your response about sasuke

BabyGirlKaylie Jul 23, 2021

"useless trashcan haters" I don't know who "trashcan" is but calling a group of people useless because of their opinion is just stupid. Like really, who are you?

jellyjilli Jul 22, 2021

i'm not here to shame you for disliking mikasa. i definitely see why you do. however, she does in fact have a lot of character development. throughout the series, she slowly lets people besides eren into her heart, and (SPOILERS!) at the end of the manga, she makes a serious decision that truly signifies her growth as a character. so she actually gets development. as for eremika being a weird ship... eremika is a weird ship because it's an abusive one, not because they lived together as kids lol. regardless, feel any way you want about mikasa and eremika!

Rookblonkorules Jul 19, 2021

Yeah, I'm very against it.