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Seishun Radio Pinchers

Nov 21, 2020

Now... I am a bit thrown off as to why the overall score of this piece of art has 3,4 stars :/


...so let me try to write a review that might clear some things up.


Let's go by points of Story / Art / Characters...


I will be starting with the characters: The robotics club has a rather diverse cast and I am really fond of how unique the characters are ^^ the two main characters' relationships is rather well introduced, with background given for each, over the progress of the story. The supporting characters are rather unique as well. An added bonus (for me at least) is how details are given on how the characters go on with their lives and careers in the future!


They are down to earth, motivations are introduced gradually, and everything ties to the story rather neatly. I'd wager the short format works perfectly here, everything is laid down in a very thorough manner, no sugar coating, nothing that seems outta place. Goodies in the bonus chapters - rather sweet moments on several occasions as well. Tying up their passions and past events, to establish a cumulative events and developments in the narrative - seriously masterful writing!


As for the art... let me be blunt it is absolutely crisp and refined, whenever there are colored pages they are a joy to look at, key moments are illustrated very neat! There are subtle details with key themes and backgrounds that stand out A LOT, making it all even more of a delight. Looking at it I can tell how much of a frikin' effort is put in the art alone, how certain situations are enhanced by the great art, how the details are super clean - really rewarding to look at ^^


The story. Let me see... As with the characters it looks rather normal and as a mundane setting, however, the detail in the art and the key character development points enhance it to such a delightful level TT_TT


At times, I appreciate it soooo much! The thought put behind the character personality, background, the current setting, and how someone turns event around is so damn delightful! There are so many sweet, awkward, goofy moments you just help liking the characters ^^


Overall! I started this once going through the half of the first chapter, I recognized the art, but wasn't much into it other than that. It is a slow start. But it picks up the more you read ^^ which is great! It covers subjects that are relatable to everyone, trauma, worries, love, feelings, passion, anxiety, teamwork, turning something negative 180 degrees around, how a personality can complement someone or the entire team. Also giving it your all, turning experiences into something that can work into an entirely different setting! Turning negative attitudes around by simply having relationships and understanding people. Ah... man those things and more, coupled with the exquisite art... going through what chapters and moments I noted... it's just more and more joy from these series. (yes I keep super detailed notes ^^ along with screenshots - gotta have the good parts handy to check-over every now and then ^^)


Why I gave the story 9/10 - simple... this has so much potential, the story has no major wholes, nor there are over or under utilization of crap as most SI or Yaoi titles have. The story is carried out almost too swiftly with some points underutilized. Heavily underutilized :/



Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly recommend this as a light positive read, no matter the subject matter, no matter the themes etc. Great art coupled with story points that all lead to an exquisite accumulation of well thought-out characters that are visually great, and also really kind. Along with setting and themes that are also greatly tied to the overall narrative.

9/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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