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You know, for a manga that came so highly recommended, I was really, really disappointed with its execution.

The story of Uzumaki follows a small town that is being cursed by spirals.  The people are becoming obsessed with them.  Some are becoming so obsessed that they actually want to turn into a spiral.  Others are becoming so terrified that they'll do anything they can to avoid them.  Either way, the obsession consumes the people's lives until it becomes something alive, dangerous and unescapable.

The art was just stunning.  Holy smokes, it was absolutely beautiful.  The mangaka had such a unique, precise, and beautiful style.  Each page was delicately inked and purposefully placed.  The art was, in my honest opinion, the best part of the story. I have never read a manga so beautiful.

The characters were ridiculous.  For the most part, this manga had a bit of an episodic feel to it...but it wasn't a bad kind of episodic.  It was the kind that showed how the spirals were slowly taking over by focusing on a different character and how the spirals consumed them.  But because of that, we weren't really able to get to know many of the characters on a deep and intimate basis.  This is definitely not a manga where you become attached to the characters, but you generally don't become attached to anything in horror.  Horror is about the story, not the characters.

Overall...this just wasn't for me.  Here's the thing: I have a feeling this manga is something that needs the right atmosphere to be successful.  Read it in the dark.  Read it alone.  Maybe then it will creep you out.  But as it stands, I read it during the day time, I read it surrounded by people...and I didn't even find this disturbing.  Honestly, I found it stupid.  I found myself laughing and never cringing.  It was just not a successful read for me, personally, but I may have read it wrong.  

However...I think a good horror should scare someone no matter what.  I've read books that have terrified me and I've read them in alll kinds of situations.  So, the fact that I would need a proper atmosphere to really appreciate this manga doesn't sit well with me.  Even in the dark, even alone, I don't think I would find the characters trying to turn themselves into spirals scary.  I think I would still laugh.

Either way, give it a go if it's something you're interested in.  It certainly comes highly recommended, that's for sure!

4/10 story
10/10 art
3/10 characters
4/10 overall

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